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  1. OsMaN_93

    Question: Bereavement research

    Salam alikom, I'm doing research on "Childhood bereavement" involving parents or guardians. If you were 14-18 years old during the time you lost your parent(s)/guardian, and you are fairly comfortable talking about it, I would really appreciate it if you could answer a few questions I have about...
  2. OsMaN_93

    Question: Are we allowed to interpret Qur'anic verses ourselves?

    Do we have any authority to assume what a Qur'anic verse means if I want to apply my own interpretation scientifically? If the answer is no, who can I approach who will help me interpret this verse?
  3. OsMaN_93

    God made humans perfect, so why are we changing His creation by circumcising a human?

    "we have created man in the best of moulds" 95.4 It makes no sense, I know it says in the hadith that we should do it. But if we are perfect, and are created with no faults, then why are we not created circumcised already? ' I haven't been on this site in ages because I felt that I was...
  4. OsMaN_93

    For when the unbelievers attack you with the '12 year old wife' argument - A one sentence response.

    salam alikom, Unbeliever: Why did your prophet marry a 12 year old? Muslim: Simply put, this was essential for the survival of the population due to the high mortality rate 1400 years ago, so it was a normal yet essential thing to do, to maintain the population. If s/he gets confused, then...
  5. OsMaN_93

    Any books on evolution by Muslim scientists?

    Salam alikom, I'd like to read about how Muslim Biologists/Scientists argue against Evolution. I've read one or two articles online but they seem to contain many errors and are not very convincing. Are there any books written by scientists, or are they all written by Islamic scholars...
  6. OsMaN_93

    What is so bad about having sex?

    salam alikom, I know the Qur'an says no adultery is allowed, and it's classed as the 3rd worst sin someone can commit in Islam (after 1.shirk, 2.murder), but I don't understand the reasoning behind it. The only counter argument I can think of is that it would cause the spread of STIs or...
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    Something important I want everyone on TTI to know

    salam alikom, I love you all sooooo much... even the mods. :) You're all so amazing. Thank you for being a part of my life, maybe a very small one, but nevertheless a very significant part to me. I love reading every single thought, and piece of advice on here. wasalam alikom.
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    Sleeping on your stomach is strictly prohibited

    salam alikom, I posted this before, but the video got deleted. So I'm posting it again to raise awareness of this issues because not many know about this. 3e5b81rLRbA This is a very helpful post by brother Al Kashmiri, if you don't want to watch the video: The worst position to sleep in...
  9. OsMaN_93

    (UK) Free 2012 customizable calendars, order one online before offer ends

    salam alikom, I love this, you can put pictures of your family and look at them for the next 12 months, or put your business logo on there, or even put Islamic pictures if you want... Just click this link...
  10. OsMaN_93

    A very good website if you want to quit smoking

    salam alikom, I thought this may be helpful for one or two brothers/sisters on here. It's a website done by the national health service (NHS) in the UK to encourage and help people to stop smoking. Take a look here Furthermore, if you're a UK resident, you can order...
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    U.S. Marines Urinating On Dead Bodies In Afghanistan!!! [CNN Video]

    Salam alikom, Wednesday January 11 2012 This is outrageous!!! Absolutely disgusting. This is what America calls "fighting for democracy!" This is not the video, but what CNN said about it + pictures. Y7PHOa8eBrU ASTAGHFIRULAH!! Most of these American soldiers have no respect for...
  12. OsMaN_93

    LEGIT!!!! I'm going to let you in on a secret! Make Millions of good deeds in 1 day

    salam alikom, It's not really a secret... I just want you to make dua for me & a few other million Muslim students that we do well in our exams, inshallah. If you do agree to make dua for us then please read this dua out loud: :tti_sister: [B] Jazak Allah khair for making dua for us...
  13. OsMaN_93

    Share your tips for performing prayer more effectively

    salam alikom, I was blown away (pun intended by the Muslim lol) when I found this out! I don't know if you guys experience this, but when I used to do sujud (prostration) I used to to take longer than usual because I made lots of dua(s) so when I was done, my head used to feel really heavey and...
  14. OsMaN_93

    to the fellow Muslims who love to debate online :)

    no worries found somone thanks for offering guys
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    Good analogy towards people who don't go to the Mosque

    salam alikom, If you don't like a person, would you welcome them into your house? no, you wouldn't... Now think about some Muslim man (or any old kafir will do) who never goes to the Masjid... Now think about the state of his life. He Drinks, lives from weekend to weekend, is depressed, has no...
  16. OsMaN_93

    A Brilliant Video by an American Sociologist about Empathising with the Iraqi people

    assalam alikom warahmatuAllah wa barakatuh, kUEGHdQO7WA It's 20 minutes long. It's all stuff that most of us Muslims have heard before, but it's good to hear a new perspective.
  17. OsMaN_93

    Handling bacon when making a sandwich?

    salam alikom, Living in the west makes it impossible to eat out! In the UK we have a food outlet called subway. They make your sandwich in front of you, and usually someone in front of you or behind you in the queue is ordering pig meat. So they make the pig inspired sandwich then make your...
  18. OsMaN_93

    40% of Cancers are due to a lack of fruit & veg in diet

    ...and other lifestyle factors. salam alikom, These factors, that cause cancer, are clearly forbidden/discouraged in Islam (such as drinking, smoking, & obesity...), this discovery is not a break through but Muslims should be aware of these lifestyle habits that can be easily avoided...
  19. OsMaN_93

    If you find yourself not regularly reading the Qur'an or attending the mosque...

    salam alikom, ...then watch this video. It's only 2 minutes long. Wa1KAsM5aJs This applies to any act of worship that you abandon, such as not being modest, sincere, happy, devoted to Allah, praying, fasting etc.