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  1. A gift

    ماذا يتوجب علينا ان نفعل

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته عند تصفحى للياهو وجدت خبر يوم حرق القران الكريم الذى يدعو له هذا القس المتعصب لم ارى مثل هذا الكم من الكراهية للاسلام و المسلمين مثلما رايت من الردود التى قرأتها و شعرت بحزن عميق بداخلى لانهم لا يعرفون حقيقة الاسلام و ما انا قلقه بشانه هو ان يقدم الكثير على هذه...
  2. A gift

    Would you like to be an announcer?

    Assalam alaikom, It's been a while since I signed here and I am glad I am back and I thought about something we could do together. How about asking each other questions,which must have a point,so we all could find the benefit we need. I'll give an example and I'll start with a question of...
  3. A gift

    They ae straight but they support the homosexual so how come ?

    :salam2: the straight people who support the homosexual rights could you tell me when the same sex hits one you how are you going to feel I bet you will freak out do you know why because you know that’s its upnormal and gross if you think they have the rights to do so you wont be freaked out...
  4. A gift

    They have the look but they dont have the manners

    :salam2: some pretenders in our society wants to look like real muslims i mean having a beard for men and wearing niqab for women and they are far away from being a real muslim and what makes me even more upset that they judge other people by they way they dress and they totally forget that...
  5. A gift

    Did you smile today ?

    :salam2: i thought i make this thread after reading some tense replies and threads . why there are some people trying to dig in for troubles why dont you jst chill out ! i wonder if you smiled today instead of searching for others mistake and try to act smart . life may be defficult but...
  6. A gift

    This question needs a genius one so can you help

    this question needs a genius one i loved this one because actually numbers are really good for refreshing your memory so enjoy at first you will think its easy and with a calculator you will figure it out but dont lose concentration and dont miss anything or you wont be able to solve...
  7. A gift

    Who is Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

    :salam2: من هو محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم ؟ Who is Muhammad (Peace be upon him) من هو محمد الذي يتبعه أكثر من مليار مسلم Who is Muhammad that is followed by more than one billion Muslims? هل هو عالم مبجل ومميز ؟ Is he a venerable scientist? هل هو أمير...
  8. A gift

    Sometimes i dont want to lower my gaze

    :salam2: when i walk at the street i usually look down cuz i dont want to look at any starnger man on his eyes or even look at anybody man or woman . but there are some moments i just dont look i stare (of course without making them notice in order not to hurt them) at this young man who cant...
  9. A gift

    after the marriage contract

    :salam2: a sister told me that after her marriage contract her fiance wanted to hold her hands but she refused and she told him when she is at his home so he is free but now he cant and he was angry . but i dont really think that he should be angry .but was she wrong ? was he right to get...
  10. A gift

    How many times.......?

    :salam2: i would like to ask how many times should the girl sit with and see the man proposing to her according to sharia ?
  11. A gift

    Describe the most wonderful view that you have ever seen

    salaam , hi well think about the most wonderful thing that you have ever seen . and describe it . you know when you think about a wonderful view you become calmer . for me the most wonderful view is the sea and the vast green fields wow ! absolutely amazing . so what about you ?
  12. A gift

    Have you ever failed in any exam :D

    :salam2: this for fun :D have you ever failed in any exam all your life even if its a drive exam . what subject did you fail in ? what did you do after knowing that you failed ? Be honest :D
  13. A gift

    I am a gift and so do you

    hi there ! i am new my sister told me about this forum and let me start with this post :) i am a gift and so do you . when you smile at me so you are a gift when i look at those little babies with their innocent face and they smile at you wthere you like them or not so this is a gift . when...