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  1. Ibn Uthaymin

    Koran By Heart - Trailer

    majestic zpO-a8AIz7M
  2. Ibn Uthaymin

    Beaten black and blue - The story of Khadijah Assalamu alaikum, Dearest Brothers and Sisters, Whilst many are mashaAllah donating abroad during this blessed month, little do we realise that a sister right on our doorstep is suffering... Abused. Beaten up by her husband. Isolated. Struggling and emotionally distressed -...
  3. Ibn Uthaymin

    Muahmmed Al Yaqoubi on Syrian Protests

    in Istanbul, Mashaa Allah taking a leading role against that Shaytaan Bashaar Al Assad and his Baa`th party. kBfpXL0gIzM
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    Challenge to Murtaza Khan For Debate - Reply In One Week

    Heating up..... oqc5i_twE1k
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    Soldier embraces Islam with the Pakhtoon people of Afghanistan

    Mashaa Allah! R3UKhXSaYjs
  6. Ibn Uthaymin

    How the Umma failed our borther

    taken From Islamic Forums Awakening Ibn Al-Shaykh Al-Libi Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi's case is perhaps the most notorious and controversially stark example of what happens when the use of torture is justified by the state. Following 'Operation Enduring Freedom' only a handful of alleged Al-Qaeda...
  7. Ibn Uthaymin

    Yasir Habib got cancer!

    Mubahala took place between the Shia scholar Yassir habib and Sunni scholar Shaykh Muhammed Al Khuas...and Allah exposed Yasir as the liar! Allah says: Then whoever argues with you about it after [this] knowledge has come to you - say, "Come, let us call our sons and your sons, our women and...
  8. Ibn Uthaymin

    iERA talks to PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins & AronRa at the World Atheist Convention

    Every Muslim should be proud of IERA - Mashaa Allah May Allah grant them good 3T5Pm7qLH50
  9. Ibn Uthaymin

    Boona Muhammed - Heroes

    He merked it! Rprgi_pBeBo
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    Muslim group seeks Royal Wedding Protest!

    Everything they do is to cause harm to the cause of the religion! A group called Muslims Against Crusades has applied for permission to protest outside Westminster Abbey on the day of the royal wedding, British police say. They have rejected the request as they have the power to ban protests...
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    How do you deal with your parents?

    How do you deal with your parents unruly demands of getting straight A`s in exams [Mod Edit], telling you to do this and that, not asking whether you want to do something or not, and constant arguments which seem impossible to resolve? I swear my parents are driving me nuts! They no naff all...
  12. Ibn Uthaymin

    Shaykh Muhammad Hassan`s daughter calls him on TV

    Anta fayn? Lool EqYCCGhF81g
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    This is so cute -learn how to count

    Really cool :) 1wzrebzHJ0s
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    What do you think of this?

    Some teacher (student from B`desh) in Shadwell mosque told a kid to do up-and down, and now the kids backside isn't functioning properly. The reason was he said the answer to a question which wasn't directed towards him. Now his dad wants to get the police involved. I SUPPORT this. What do...
  15. Ibn Uthaymin

    Epic - Dr Yusuf Al Qardawi leads Jummu`ah in Tahrir

    His first Khutbah ever since he was barred from Egypt. Its been 50 years. Subhanaa Allah c-TAXBK6xqE
  16. Ibn Uthaymin

    Man arrested over Keighley 'mosque assault' footage If you watched the Dipatches program last night, you should be be glad to know that this ignorant mullah imported from abroad got arrested. May Allah set his clothes on fire! These idiots should be banned from teaching, and...
  17. Ibn Uthaymin

    Manifesting tawheed in B`ham - Salah on the street!

    kUTqLvSozBQ This is Birmingham, UK. Some say its the land of Tawheed, but that's stretching a bit too far :)
  18. Ibn Uthaymin

    Fast food in India - Making parathas/rutee

    Boy, this guys flexing his skills sub-consciously. He looks awesome. j0WgDNdpZlU
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    Age Difference Between The Married

    I got this from Ahl Hadeeth website. Sheikh Albani رحمه الله said in " al-Taalikat ar-Radiyyah " ( 2-151 ) : A person should not accept marrying his daughter - even if she is mature - to a man who is very much older than her, instead he should take in consideration that their ages should be...
  20. Ibn Uthaymin

    US more in alignment with Islamic values than many Muslim states: Dr Aidh Al-Qarni Brutal honesty. May Allah grant him good for speaking the truth. ALKHOBAR: A popular Saudi author and religious scholar has raised some questions about governmental and societal practices across the Arab world and asserts that the United...