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  1. justname

    How to pray?

    Hello! If i'd turn to Islam, I don't know how to pray. Can you help me?
  2. justname

    Question: Some questions from a Christian

    Hello! As you see, I'm Christian but my conceptions about life and surrounding world are similar with Islam, I mean I want world peace, I like to love each human, regardless of his skin colour, nationality and I like to obey to God. But I want to ask you something: 1. Many people say that...
  3. justname

    Can you help me to find this nasheed?

    I asked about the song, not the video.
  4. justname

    Article 10 Misconceptions About Islam

    I posted this tread to help pepole to Discover Islam and I ask a moderator to pin it because it's important and useful. Thanks! 1. All Muslims are Arabs The common image of a Muslim is a turbaned dark Arab man with a long beard. However this image is part of the minority of Muslims. Arabs make...
  5. justname

    News Qatar to Build 1,000 Homes in Gaza.

    War is the biggest problem of human beings. We must understand that we are like a family , it doesn't matter if you are a black guy, if she is chinese , if they are indians , if we are caucasians. In my country, people says "Money are devil's eyes", or "the love of money is the root of all kinds...
  6. justname

    As salamu ma prezint

    Wow, nu stiam cati romani suntem pe aici. Bine v-am gasit! :)
  7. justname

    As salamu alaykum!

    Thank you very much :)
  8. justname

    As salamu alaykum!

    Thank you for welcome me !
  9. justname

    Question: Waiting for your opinion

    It's true, but it's a bit difficult to pray...
  10. justname

    Question: Waiting for your opinion

    What I should say to convert? It's an important sentence?
  11. justname

    Question: Waiting for your opinion

    Hello brothers and sisters! I'm not converted to islam(unfortunately) because of my parents. They think i will be bad and things like that. I really like Islam (traditions,beliefs) but I can't convert :( What should I do?
  12. justname

    I have a million questions about Isis

    Read here , and here and you will understand what is "isis".
  13. justname

    Can you help me to find this nasheed?

    Hi, what's the name of nasheed from here: . Is starts at 0:11 Shukran!
  14. justname

    As salamu alaykum!

    I hope brother, I want to read the Qu'Ran
  15. justname

    As salamu alaykum!

    Hi everyone! I'm not a muslim but i like this religion and if Allah want, maybe i will convert to islam. I like this culture and religion. It's difficult to me to learn Arabic , could someone help me?