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  1. ~Ali_

    need help finding a e-book (maurice bucaille)

    Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters! I need help locating this e-book. Moses and Pharaoh in the Bible, Quran and history By Maurice Bucaille Would any of you happen to have it? Or perhaps direct me to a place where I could grab it? JazakAllah khair!
  2. ~Ali_

    A question about maghrib salah and salah.

    Assalamualaikum my dear brothers and sisters in Islam - it has been awhile since I last made a thread :) Question about maghrib salah = Why do some people say maghrib is: 3fard 2sunnah 2 nawafil and some say: 2 sunnah (or is it nawwafil?) 3 fard 2 sunnah (or is it nawwafil?)...
  3. ~Ali_

    What to do with these "types" of people...

    Assalamualaikum my dear brothers and sisters, what should be done to people who go to these anti-islamic sites (made by these so called "ex-muslims") and then refuse to learn the real facts about islam and than propogate the message from these anti-islamic sites as "the true face of islam" to...
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    :salam2: Gotta check this out :) :wasalam:
  5. ~Ali_

    Need some clarification - what is this exactly?

    :salam2: InshaAllah you are all in the best of health and emaan. I am abit confused about something my local mosque is doing... actually ive always been confused about it and I have never been able to find any good information about it... here is my situation which I copied and pasted from...
  6. ~Ali_

    Is this a good opportunity for dawah?

    Assalamualaikum my dear brothers and sisters, I got invited by my professor to a "Bible Study" now I honestly laughed a little inside my head at the thought me in a "Bible Study" but then I was like hey... this could be a good opportunity for dawah and there are alot of other people from other...
  7. ~Ali_

    Brief Replies to Commonly-Asked (“Difficult”) Questions about Islam

    :salam2: Amman: The Coherence of Islam Brief Replies to Commonly-Asked (“Difficult”) Questions about Islam by Sheikh Nuh Keller The following are replies to questions posed by a young Muslim in Bradford on behalf of his uncle, an individual born into a Muslim family but who has...
  8. ~Ali_

    [E-BOOK] A Historical Lie: The Stone Age - by Harun Yahya

    :salam2: A pretty good book :) A HISTORICAL LIE: THE STONE AGE The evolutionist historical perspective studies the history of mankind by dividing it up into several periods, just as it does with the supposed course of human evolution itself. Such fictitious concepts as the Stone Age...
  9. ~Ali_

    A question about Adam (as)

    Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters - Inshallah you are all in the best of health and emaan. Lately I got asked that - which nationality was Adam (as) and this person said how did all the other nationalities spring about if Adam (as) was only one nationality. So my question is a 2-in-1...
  10. ~Ali_

    Should I have done something?

    Assalamualaikum - I hope this post greets everyone in the best of health and imaan. There has been a incident which has been bugging me for a while... I was at the bus stop a couple of weeks back and there was this couple fighting...well it was more like.. the guy was um... "man-handling"...
  11. ~Ali_

    Absolutely STUNNING lecture - Atheism and Islam

    :salam2: A lecture you just got to hear :) Lecturer: Shabir Ally Lecture: Living in an Atheistic Society File size: 8.04mb Length: 1hr and 10mins Description: Shabir Ally highlights the differences between Islam and atheism. This talk helps clarify many points arising in the minds...
  12. ~Ali_

    [AUDIO] Gary Miller (16) Lectures

    Assalamualaikum - Sorry if this is the incorrect place to post this - but I could not find a place to put this on :( 16 Gary Miller lectures (is that all of them?) ALL the lectures were taken off: Dr Gary Miller Reference Page before the...
  13. ~Ali_

    Conquest of Constantinople [AUDIO]

    Assalamualaikum - I didnt really know where to post this since there is no "Muslim History Audio" section... o well enjoy! Conquest of Constantinople Islamic Legacy is a project that aims to take Muslims on a journey through time, studying the history of Muslims, including the People of the...
  14. ~Ali_

    In a tight corner - in need of some advice :)

    Assalamulaikum everybody! Inshallah you are all in the best of health and imaan. Ok hmmm.. I'll get straight to the point....and just ask the question... Is it permissible in Islam to "severe" relationship ties with your blood-related brother if they really start to get to you... The...
  15. ~Ali_

    Islamic Legacy

    Assalamualaikum to everyone - something flashy that I came across - and it looks really kool too :) What is Islamic Legacy? Islamic Legacy is a project that aims to take Muslims on a journey through time, studying the history of Muslims, including the People of the book (Jews and...
  16. ~Ali_


    Assalamualaikum everybody - a very interesting read :) In his book, Ancient Views on the Origin of Life, Ernest Abel says that the Greek Miletian philosophers before Socrates drew their concepts of evolution in the context of the creation of the universe from the leaders of even more ancient...
  17. ~Ali_

    [AUDIO] Khalid Yasin - Dawah Technique Course

    Khalid Yasin Dawah Technique Course As Muslims we are always presented with the opportunity to give Dawah but few of us take up this great challenge. Why is this the case? Are we too afraid to propagate the truth, do we lack the correct knowledge or are we just in need of Dawah our...
  18. ~Ali_

    A question concerning a surah in the Quran

    Assalamualaikum :) Inshallah everyone is in the best of health and imaan. I have a question concerning Surah 31 Luqman in verse 10. (Yusuf Ali translation) 10 "He created the heavens without any pillars that you can see; He set on the earth mountains standing firm, lest it should shake...
  19. ~Ali_

    Question concerning Jumah Prayer

    :salam2: I hope you are all in the best of imaan and health. My question is: What do you pray after 2 rakah of jumah salaah?, because normally after dua people spread out and pray 4 rakah of something then 2 rakah of something (i think). I thought perhaps they missed salah or...
  20. ~Ali_

    Why does the Quran refer to itself as the book?

    Assalamualaikum, Maybe its just me and my stupidity (and the English translation?) but the Quran refers to itself as the Book? but doesn't the Quran mean recitation? Just curious, and I want to really clarify the matter, I hate confusion. Walaikumasalam.