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  1. ahmed_indian

    Hard hearts

    as salaam alaikum, Hard Hearts “Causes of hardheartedness include: turning away from Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, and not reading Qur’an; being preoccupied with this world and focusing mostly on it, and not paying attention to matters of religion, because obeying Allah, may...
  2. ahmed_indian

    kind request for dua for my father who passed away yesterday

    as salaam alaikum, my dad passed away on thursday morning. he had colon cancer. alhamdulillah we were able to conduct salah janaza after salah jumuah. i kindly request you to please make a small dua in your hearts for Allah's forgiveness and mercy on him. also, i had a question. Messenger...
  3. ahmed_indian

    Ramadan Quiz: closes on 23/7/12 23:00 Makkah time (20:00 GMT)

    As salaam alaikum, Ramadan Mubarak to all of you. well quiz time.. :D 1. +2 for right and -1 for wrong and 0 for unanswered. 2. kindly PM (pls do not write your answers here) all your answers to me by 23/7/12 23:00 Makkah time (20:00 GMT) 3.(just answer whatever you know at the moment)...
  4. ahmed_indian

    Kind request for your duas for my father's surgery

    :salam2:, will really appreciate if you can make just a little dua from your heart that my dad's intestinal surgery goes well. jazaak Allah khairan in advance.
  5. ahmed_indian

    will u like me if i say...

    :salam2:, will u like if i request you and plead you to help me and once you help me, i become so different to you as if i never asked your help. then again i come to you for help and request/plead you for another help. will you like me? will you like to help me again? Quran: surah 010, verse...
  6. ahmed_indian

    Sandstorm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (25/2/12)

    :salam2:, An example of Allah's Might and how weak we are!
  7. ahmed_indian

    and women too have eyes and hearts..

    :salam2: if we think that only girls or women should not place their pics in their profiles, we forget to realise that girls/women too have eyes and hearts which can develop feelings or have crush-like emotions after coming across guys pictures which are clicked in the styles..countless.
  8. ahmed_indian

    a believer cries but a disbeliever cries too

    :salam2: a believer cries but disbeliever cries too, a believer feels sad but a disbeliever feels sad too, a believer gets ill and looses job but a disbeliever gets ill and looses job too, a believer gets separated from someone s/he loves but a disbeliever gets separated from someone...
  9. ahmed_indian

    meaning of this dream?

    :salam2: i know tht dreams could mean differently for different people....but just asking if anyone know (or was told) the meaning of seeing the peacock in cage? jazaak Allah khair in advance
  10. ahmed_indian

    will you like cold water in hot thirsty summer day?

    :salam2: how will it feel to us if we are standing outside in hot sunny day with no one here and there to provide it will feel to get a glass of cold sweet water and a cool shade? The Scene is going to take place: standing on the Day of Judgment...naked, thirsty, sweating on that...
  11. ahmed_indian

    Need your URGENT duas for a sister

    :salam2:, there is one 15 year old muslim sister having blood infection. she is undergoing medical cure but she is unconscious. docs told that she have less chances to survive. they are telling that if she dont get conscious, she might go into coma. i humbly request all of you to make a...
  12. ahmed_indian

    pause and stop a little....

    :salam2:, lets sometimes pause and stop for a while to think and clearly define for whom i am muslim? for Allah or bcoz all are muslims in my place? for whom i pray and fast and give zakat? for Allah or bcoz my family does this too. for whom i dont drink and make relations with girls...
  13. ahmed_indian

    love VS deep love

    :wasalam: love: i love you because i need you deep love: i need you because i love you *which type of love is ours towards Allah, parents,etc??
  14. ahmed_indian

    my grandmother passed away

    :salam2: my maternal grandmother passed away some hours ago. may Allah forgive her and have mercy on her soul. ameen. i would be grateful if you could make a small dua for her. just a tiny one from the bottom of your hearts. jazaak Allah khairan.
  15. ahmed_indian

    Traffic penalty = riba (interest)???

    :wasalam:, suppose a traffic dept (or school/office/any organisation) makse a law that if you delay paying your dues, you will be penalized. will it come under riba? eg. if a person dont pay his traffic violation of $ 20 by 30th June 2011, he has to pay $ 25 by next it riba...
  16. ahmed_indian

    the money is ours but resources belongs to the society...

    :salam2: many times we forget what we should remember. that if we have lots of money, it does not give us right to waste the resources of the earth. these natural resources are blessings of Allah, they belongs to the whole society. we cant waste them just like that. we all should use the...
  17. ahmed_indian

    Lips/tongue *must* move during salah/zikr

    :salam2: It should be known that while performing Prayer, at least one has to move the lips with the recitation. Many say that while performing Prayer one has to recite with the lowest voice with which one can hear oneself recite. As for offering the prayer while reciting in the mind or...
  18. ahmed_indian

    what are the options for dentistry training in pakistan?

    :wasalam: a pakistani sister asked this somewhere, so i thought to put this question here too.she did her bachelor's in dentistry and looking for training part. all i know is she did part 1 which expires in 3 yrs if training not done in that period. what are the possible options in cities of...
  19. ahmed_indian

    how you all avoid backbiting?

    :salam2: its sad that such act is taken so lightly by the people. :( suppose, person ABC is not so good and others backbite against him. person XYZ dont backbite out of fear of Allah but others think that XYZ is favoring ABC and is against all of them. what should XYZ do in this situation...
  20. ahmed_indian

    Makkah Holy Mosque in 2020

    :salam2:, i saw this in youtube. this is what Haram Sharif will look in 2020. dont know why, felling little uneasy about the new model. where's the simplicity? 3z7e_Jeu1JI