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  1. Muslimah16

    Guidelines to help us observe Fajr Prayer

    :salam2: Most surely all praise belongs to Allah, we praise Him and we seek His Aid and Forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of our souls and from the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides there is none to misguides and whomsoever He misguides their is none to guide. I...
  2. Muslimah16

    Zamilooni- Zain Bhika *Without Music*

    :salam2: *Sorry about the title, i was going to upload another nasheed but changed my mind LOL and i kind of forgot to re-name my thread :$* Beautiful nasheed about our beloved prophet :saw: WITHOUT music AlhumdulilLah. :) 818iC6KOXU4 Here's the link just incase someone cannot see the video...
  3. Muslimah16


    :salam2: Which Ahadeeth in Fazail-e-A'mal are apparently "fabricated"? I remember Abubaseer and some other brothers and sisters saying this again and again and i want to know which ones. :wasalam:
  4. Muslimah16

    Getting Married!

    :salam2: I'll be getting my Nikaah done soon inshaAllah brothers and sisters. :hijabi: Please make dua for me. Your Sister :tti_sister: :wasalam:
  5. Muslimah16

    Ya Nathiran Nasheed

    :salam2: A nasheed that's very close to my heart. I hope you enjoy it too inshaAllah. :) Oao6jk-UwDY :wasalam:
  6. Muslimah16

    My life: A long story cut short.

    :salam2: I hope all my brothers and sisters are well. I need to ask all of you to forgive me please. If there is anything i have done to you, please forgive your sister. :tti_sister: WAllah, i am not joking/lying. My life has reached the point where i dont see why i should live anymore. You...
  7. Muslimah16

    A reliable site?

    :salam2: Hope everyones in the best of health wa imaan A quick question here. Is ***REMOVED*** a reliable site? Something just seems a little weird about it. Im not sure. I hope somebody can help me out inshaAllah :tti_sister: Take care folks Wassalaam
  8. Muslimah16

    Question on saying Salaam

    :salam2: InshaAllah my brothers and sisters are in the BEST of health and Imaan. Okay, so i have this really silly question but its bugging me and i was hoping somebody could help me out here. This is my weird question :$ When sister 'A' posts a thread starting with salaam and lets say...
  9. Muslimah16

    Video Why he converted to ISLAM. *Amazing story*

    :salam2: MashaAllah! This brother is hilarious! :D AND his conversion story is FAB. Check it out inshaAllah :) Part 1: p7a7ywCJ65Y Part 2: c0Wl0W1ou1g MashaAllah, may Allah make him a stronger Muslim. Aameen Enjoy! Wassalaam!
  10. Muslimah16

    How do i introduce someone to Islam?

    :salam2: I hope all my brothers and sisters are in the BEST of health wa imaan :) I just need some advice please. Well, basically, my mum and i were coming back from the shops and we met one of my mum's mate's and she was with a non muslim sister. She *non muslim sister* is from Russia and...
  11. Muslimah16

    Hair question... Side bangs/layered hair

    :salam2: Hope all of my brothers and sisters are having an amazing Ramadhan inshaALlah. Just wanted to quickly ask something. Well, basically, some time back i was talking to a friend and she told me you're not allowed to cut your hair? So this means you cannot layer your hair or cut bangs...
  12. Muslimah16

    Mods, delete this account please.

    :salam2: Please delete my account as soon as possible. JazakAllah khair Wassalaam
  13. Muslimah16

    Check out this online Quran link please

    :salam2: Hope my brothers and sisetrs are in the best if health inshaAllah. So, i was browsing the net and i found this truly amazing amazing link for Quran recitation. All the Suwar are present with translation in English alongside. Amongst the reciters there are; Abdul Baasit...
  14. Muslimah16

    Farewell..... Im leaving.

    :salam2: to my brothers and sisters. Oki, so this is it. Im leaving TTI. And before anybody says I am 'attention seeking', I AM NOT! I have been going through some rough times lately. My life is a total wreck. I wish it was as happy and jolly as it seems on TTI. But reality is reality...
  15. Muslimah16

    Quick qestion ...

    :salam2: Just wanted to ask about Salaat-ul-haajah... is this prayed in the same method as our daily prayers..? But different niyyat? Please help me out brothers and sisters. i really need to know JazakAllah khair Wassalaam
  16. Muslimah16

    YoUr Favourite.....?

    :salam2: MY brothers and sisters i hope you are all in the best of health and imaan inshaAllah. So, who is your favourite munshid/artist? Just want to see who is TTI's mostly loved munshid.. :D Take care all
  17. Muslimah16

    Please Read...... It concerns you too.

    :salam2: To all of my lovely brothers and sisters i pray you're all in the best of health and imaan InshaAllaah. I just wanted to apologise to you all. If i have ever hurt anyone's feelings.... I'm really sorry. Life is too short to keep grudges against anyone so i just want to let...
  18. Muslimah16

    Mis-understandings about 'Muslimah16'

    :salam2: I hope and pray my brothers and sisters are in the best of health inshaAllah. I just wanted to clear up some misunderstandings that brothers and sisters here at TTI have about Me, 'Muslimah16' * I am not a convert, i am a born Muslimah Alhamdulillah * I do not fall under the...
  19. Muslimah16

    What did YOU learn today...?

    :salam2: So what did you learn today? Did you learn/find out something amazing/shocking? please share it with us.... It is said that we learn something new everyday! :) Me first i guess....... So,... Today i found out that when a girl doesnt get married in the world, the angles call...
  20. Muslimah16

    Would you Marry a...

    :salam2: My dear brothers and sisters how are you all? I pray inshAllah you are in the best of health. I just wanted to ask this question, Would you marry a Muslim convert/revert? Eager to see your replies inshaAllah