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  1. maestrouzy

    Lying and Importance of Investigation in Islam

    The Islamic protective way to avoid the loss of false information is to investigate every matter no matter what kind of information it would be. It is essential to struggle for root out the truth and underlying information. Islam gave the excellent social ethics to UMMAT-ISLAM to maintain the...
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    Serious Using Social Media to Counter Niqab Ban in the UK

    While the internet is a tool for gathering information and a source of fun for some of us, it can also be used in a very positive way. What am I talking about, you ask? Allow me to take you on a journey of how you can use the internet and #socialmedia to take a stand and make the world a better...
  3. maestrouzy

    Article Lose with grace

    I have often observed kids and adults play. Based on my observation as well as experience, I have made an effort to focus on a serious issue that has an impact on the personality of these kids as they grow up. Since childhood, kids are used to winning when playing with parents and those they...
  4. maestrouzy

    Article You Are missing a lot if you haven't heard to Nouman Ali khan.

    Nouman Ali Khan, the Islamic teacher, has got the art of attracting people towards Islam in a simple, witty and amusing way. Once you start listening to his lectures, you start coming closer to #Islam without knowing it. Not only are the lectures he delivers thought provoking and motivating but...
  5. maestrouzy

    Sunnah Prophet Muhammad's Charisma

    If charisma is defined as a genuine interest in people, then all messengers must have been charismatic figures. Allah would not choose a messenger, whose personality type was not compatible with the nature of his mission; in this case, interact with people to convey his message. A prophet should...
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    Short-Story: Allah is the best planner.

    There was a little boy called Jonathan. His teacher, Mr. Smith hated him so much. He does every thing within his power to disfavour Jonathan whenever opportunity presents itself. One day, foreign missionaries visited the school with lots of educational materials and the need to share foreign...
  7. maestrouzy

    Funny best quote of the year!

    You want four wives, but you can't even handle five prayers. Start with what's fard, before considering what's sunnah.
  8. maestrouzy

    Your wife.

    • When your wife - worries about you, - fights with you, - looks for your attention for no reason, - becomes jealous with you, - shares her joy & sorrows with you, and - pesters you with eat this and that, do this and that, it means SHE CARES. • When she stops caring, that's when you...
  9. maestrouzy

    Face hardships.

    When hardships comes to us we turn to Allah (subhanahu wa ta 'ala), but when Allah (subhanahu wa ta 'ala) blesses us we turn away - we forget to remember Him as we should, with such diligence. Our du'as become passive, our actions reflective of our attitudes. It's like we're asking Allah...
  10. maestrouzy

    Ramadan and the last 10 days

    Ramadan comes and goes every year, but unfortunately few gain the actual benefits from this blessed month. let this Ramadan change yourself and help you to lead a life that is pleasing to Allah. Try these tips for a positive change and make this a productive Ramadan. 1. Pre Ramadan This...
  11. maestrouzy


    Just because a band sings about Syria, Just because a band has a Muslim singer, Just because a band raises funds through concerts, Just because a singer pauses when the Adhan is called…. Just because of all of the above things sounds so nice it still doesn't make Music any lesser evil. It's...
  12. maestrouzy

    What makes you think Allah wont answer your dua?

    What makes you think Allah wont answer your dua? This Ramadan make immense dua for everything and anything! Zakariyya Alaihisalam was granted a Child in the Old Age. The fire was cooled down for Ibrahim Alaihissalam Jannah was shown to Asiya wife of firaun in the midst of torture. Yunus...
  13. maestrouzy

    How did Tarawiḥ get the name?

    Tarāwīḥ has been named as such because they [the companions] would take a break during the prayers due to its length. `Umar (RA) would allow the worshipers to take a break for an amount of time equal to a man leaving the masjid and going to Salah`, which was a mountain that was 700 meters away...
  14. maestrouzy

    Why you should fear Allah:

    1. To experience Allah’s presence in our lives. 2. It is necessary to perfect our souls. 3. To understand Allah’s love for us. 4. Make it possible to follow his orders. 5. To understand The Quran correctly. 6. To understand how much Allah hates sin. 7. To prevent ourselves from falling into sin...
  15. maestrouzy

    Finding Islam on a Chicago Bus.

    Leslie C. Toole had been considering embracing Islam for the past ten years. But when the Chicagoan teacher saw a simple ad on a public bus, he knew the moment had come. "I never truly committed and when I saw that sign I knew that was the final sign to complete my move." Toole had come...
  16. maestrouzy

    Bits of food left in the teeth of the one fasting

    Answer: Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan said: If the fasting person wakes up and finds any bits of food between his teeth, this does not affect his fast, but he has to spit out these bits and get rid of them, and that does not affect his fast unless he swallows them. If he deliberately swallows any...
  17. maestrouzy

    ~Weird~ Tell me the difference!

    Can anyone tell us the difference between an anti-war rally and a pro-peace rally?
  18. maestrouzy

    Problem Advice about Facebook.

    Piece of advise, don't trust people on Facebook. Often we see brothers and sisters sort of fall for each other on FB. Please don't do it. I don't care how practicing he is and how fluffy his beard is, don't believe him when he says he wants to meet your parents and all because he likes you. Some...
  19. maestrouzy


    Malala is a very lucky girl to have survived a terrorist attack and now enjoys higher standards of living. Malala Day, however, has nothing to do with 'Girl Power' - it is rather Western Imperialist Power, for staging her as a heroine survivor from the Taliban and thereby distracting the masses...
  20. maestrouzy

    Who is your favorite Quran reciter?

    My favorite Qari is Sheikh Naser Al Qatami. The best in the world.