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    A Glimpse At An-Nawawi

    “It is well known that he is from the most knowledgeable of scholars in the history of Islaam. I mean, if you were to take the ten most notable scholars of the Muslims throughout history, An-Nawawi would be one of them. He wrote a commentary on Saheeh Muslim, and he wrote his book “Al-Majmoo’ ”...
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    The Scale of Good and Bad Deeds

    Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ‘Azzaam said: "And Ibn Al-Qayyim confirmed a principle saying that the human being, if his righteous deeds and benefit in the society are a lot, then he is forgiven for things that others might not be forgiven for, and mistakes of his may be overlooked that would not be...
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    Ash-Shaam: Then And Now

    In the general masjid of Damascus, Abu Dardaa (ra) conducted a large circle of learning, one that was attended by more than 1600 students. Aboo Dardaa (ra) would teach them in groups, with each group consisting of 10 students. There was a spirit of competition in the air, with each group wanting...
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    Running Away From The Battlefield, By Sayyid Qutb

    Sayyid Qutb said: "To flee from battle deserves such condemnation because of the magnitude of its serious consequences on the one hand, and because it has a bearing on the very question of having faith. A believer should be firm and resolute, able to resist any force on earth, since he believes...
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    No Praying out of Laziness

    The scholars have differed concerning the one who misses salaah because he is lazy, although still believes that salaah is obligatory. Imaam Maalik and Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee (and the majority of earlier and later scholars) were of the opinion that he is not a disbeliever, rather he an evil doer...
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    Criticising Narrators Without Any Fear

    From among the righteous Salaf, there were men, who knew no fear when it came to criticising narrators, regardless whether that man was a ruler or the lowest man in society. Likewise, they did not fear the blame of anyone, nor did they hesitate to proclaim openly any defect found in narrators...
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    The Benefits Of Polygamy, By Ibn ‘Uthaymeen

    1) He may have a need in some cases. For instance, the wife may be very old or sick or if he restricts himself with her only, he may not be able to keep himself chaste. And if she has children from him and he keeps her, he will fear difficulty for himself by abandoning the marriage or perhaps...
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    Don’t Go To Extremes With Regards To Dowries

    Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab said: “Do not go to extremes with regards to the dowries of women, for if that were a sign of honour and dignity in this world or a sign of piety before Allaah, then Muhammad (saw) would have done that before you. But he did not give any of his wives, and none of his...
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    Do Not Use Quraan And Hadeeth To Establish Your Authority

    It is very common for Muslim men to pointedly remind their wives about the Quraanic verses and hadeeths that declare their superiority and special rights over her, especially in the first few days after marriage. The most common reminders are (1) that the husband has the right to take up to our...
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    The Importance of Hijrah

    Ikrimah has narrated about Dumrah Ibn ‘Ays, who was one of the weak and oppressed Muslims in Makkah and was sick, that when he heard what Allaah revealed about hijrah he said, “Take me out!“ So a stretcher was brought for him and he was put on it and was taken out. He died on the way at Tan’im...
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    Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal’s advice to his son on his wedding day

    "Dear son, you will not attain good fortune in your home except by 10 characteristics which you sh...ow to your wife, so remember them and be enthusiastic in acting upon them. As for the first two; women like attention and they like to be told clearly that they are loved. So don’t be stingy...
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    The virtues of Ribaat

    Salman (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) as saying, "Observing Ribat in the way of Allah for a day and a night is far better than observing Saum (fasting) for a whole month and standing in Salat (prayer) in all its nights. If a person dies (while...
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    Inspirational Stories

    For those of you who love stories: Click link: Got loads of stories from Islamic History in this section. Do have a read and fwd onto others iA.
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    What Is This Dunyaa? Many times we get caught up in this dunyaa. So what is the reality of this dunyaa? How insignificant was the dunyaa in the eyes of the Salaf? Click above link to read posts about the insignificance of the dunyaa and the attitude...
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    Whats messages, ratings and posts?

    Assalaamu 'alaykum, Just curious, what does this mean: Messages: 1086 Ratings: 49/2 Points: 58 It says this^ under my name whenever I log on in the top right corner.... Jzk!
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    Educating Your Wife in Islam

    After years of marriage and settling into a routine with children, eventually a time comes when most Muslim husbands have no idea how their wives spend their days. It does not bother them that their bored wives gossip for hours on the phone, watch excessive movies and television, or waste time...
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    Keep Unnecessary Jealousy In Check

    A point to note is that being concerned about your wife’s activities and pastimes does not justify spying on her and being unnecessarily suspicious, overbearing and nosy about her affairs. Your job is to fulfil your responsibility of her religious character building and it should be done by...
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    Abu Hurayrah & His Written Collection Of Hadeeth

    We are not sure whether he (Aboo Hurayrah) had any written collection of ahaadeeth in his early life, but mention is made in a later period of the books he had in his possession: 1) Hasan Ibn 'Amr saw many books of ahaadeeth in Aboo Hurayrah's possession. [Ibn Hajr, Fath Al-Baaree, 1/217] 2)...
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    Dont Waste Your Time, By Ibn Al-Jawzee

    Ibn Al-Jawzee said: “When a person thinks about the life of this world before entering it, he considers it long. Likewise when he thinks about it after leaving it, he sees a long period of time and knows that the stay in the grave is long. When he thinks about the Day of Judgement, he knows...
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    Adh-Dhahabee’s Advice To Women (And Their Husbands)

    Imaam Adh-Dhahabee said: If a woman wears the clothing of a man and it is tight on her such as around her body like that of some of men’s clothes, like tight sleeves, tight private regions and so forth, (then) indeed she has imitated him and she has brought the curse of Allaah upon herself (1)...