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  1. kayleigh

    Who wants to help me on my paper?

    I'm doing an essay exam for my anthropology if Islamic societies and cultures, and I was hoping I could pick your brains about a few things. It's due tomorrow, and I've got it mostly done, but I wanted some more ideas/to see if what I've written so far is correct. 1. Presentism is, if I...
  2. kayleigh

    Skateboarder stops Quran burning

    This is so cool!
  3. kayleigh

    "It is haram to pray behind a Hanafi"

    I was having a discussion with a friend and he said a number of blatantly incorrect statements. I obviously have very limited knowledge but I know what he said was wrong. He said: 1. Women cannot go to the mosque for jummah but they can go any other day of the week for any other prayer...
  4. kayleigh

    What should I do about my co-worker...?

    I'll try to make this as short as possible... There is a girl I work with who was hired earlier this year. Soon after she was hired people got annoyed with her because she would ask for so many days off and beg people to work her shifts and wouldn't pull her own weight. I normally work...
  5. kayleigh

    Shia beliefs on proving adultery?

    I was watching The Stoning of Soraya M and at one point this guy says that if a man accuses his wife of adultery, she must prove her innocence, but if a woman accuses her husband then she must prove his guilt as well. It's totally backwards and I know that isn't in shariah law, but I was...
  6. kayleigh

    AFA says Muslims should convert or leave

    American Family Association To Muslim-Americans: Convert To Christianity Or Leave It seems like only a week ago that the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer (who is the AFA's Director of Issues Analysis, perhaps because he has so many personal issues that need to be analyzed by...
  7. kayleigh

    Walid Shoebat - what would you do?

    You may have already heard about this guy - his name is Walid Shoebat. He's a Palestinian man who claims to be a former Muslim and former "PLO terrorist." He makes money by scamming (mostly Evangelical) churches and organizations - they pay him to speak at their events. However, he's been...
  8. kayleigh

    First accredited Islamic college in US

  9. kayleigh

    amazing story

    salaam, This was just too awesome - I had to share. I just got a call from a friend of mine who lives in New York. Last night her house caught on fire. Thankfully, the damage isn't too bad, and no one was hurt. The amazing part is that none of the Qur'ans in the house were burned or even...
  10. kayleigh

    Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week

    Source: University students (or anyone) were supposed to wear green today to protest this stuff. They claim it's to support moderate Muslims fight against extremists, but in reality, it's sick and it's just trying...
  11. kayleigh

    The Israel Lobby

    Salaam, Not sure if this should go in current events, but why not? If anyone has been paying attention, The Israel Lobby has provoked a pretty strong reaction since it's release. I know people thought Carter's book on the Israel-Palestine issue was controversial, but this takes the cake...
  12. kayleigh

    I need your help

    Salaam brothers and sisters, I have been given an exceptionally daunting task, which I'm sure you're all going to have to help me with. a good friend of mine was having a chat with his cousin (both are Muslim), and his cousin told him that he was concerned because his girlfriend was raised as...
  13. kayleigh

    Was this the wrong thing to do?

    :salam2: I threw a Bible in the trash. I was on my way to school and Gideon's were handing out little copies of the New Testament. They wouldn't let me into school until I took one, so I just gave up and grabbed one. Obviously I don't believe in it, and if I really wanted to see a copy...
  14. kayleigh

    Why isn't there historical proof for Jesus/Isa?

    :salam2: We all know that the life of Muhammad (saw) is well documented, and even non-Muslims know full well that he did in fact exist as a person, though perhaps not as a prophet. Why isn't there such documentation of Jesus existing at the time? There were several well known...
  15. kayleigh

    why it is important to make allah (swt) number one in your life

    :salam2: (This might have been posted once before since from what I hear, its a fairly common story throughout areas of the Middle East, but I couldn't find anything in the search option.) There are two versions to this story, but both carry the same message: Version One In Mecca, there was...
  16. kayleigh

    is taraweeh bid'ah?

    :salam2: a friend of mine recently brought to my attention an authentic hadith (Bukhari, I can post it later if I find it) which stated that the taraweeh prayer was invented after Muhammad (saw), but the hadith also stated that it was good after it was first done. I know many Muslims think...
  17. kayleigh

    CNN Heroes: Mohammad Mamdani

    I saw this on CNN and thought it was really awesome. It's about a British Muslim who started a helpline for young Muslims in the UK. You can watch the video here:
  18. kayleigh

    "Practicing" Muslim on MTV's Real World

    If you don't know what Real World is, it's a reality show where 7 people from around the US live in a house together. Anyway, apparently there's a "practicing" Muslim among the cast members for the new season this August. Her name is Parisa, and claims to be practicing, all while living in...
  19. kayleigh

    Shirk in Islam?

    :salam2: I always put that in the back of my mind, assuming I'm not understanding something (which I'm probably not), but the "Beware of Harun Yahya" thread brought this up. In the thread I stated that I perceived there to be some things in Islam that come close to idolatry in every day...
  20. kayleigh

    How does the Council of Nicea fit into Islam?

    I was discussing the Council of Nicea today with some friends, and a question occurred to me. I know that in Islam, the Bible is accepted as being correct, once upon a time, but that over time it was corrupted, which is why it is no longer followed. But are the gospels that were rejected by...