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    Why did the Pope quit.
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    'Islam is about real love, not just lust': The party girl who's embraced a new life as a Muslim conv
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    Who wants to be a Muslim Mr Tarrant? TV show host's daughter converts to Islam
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    Osborne brother's Muslim love match as he converts to Islam to marry Bangladeshi girl
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    About 5,200 people in UK adopted faith last year alone[/B]
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    ''US control is diminishing, but it still thinks it owns the world''
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    Malik Obong'o, Obama step brother in White House

    Assalam Aleikum Warahmatullah :salam2::salam2::salam2::salam2::salam2::salam2::salam2::salam2::salam2:
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    Two Muslim brothers, one all-American success story

    Part 1 Part 2
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    A "tourist" reads the Qur'an
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    Black prisoners converting to Islam in the UK
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    Alex Jones on Islam : Why Islam is Being Demonized
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    US Protestants no longer a majority - study
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    Swiss Politician, Daniel Streich Embrace Islam
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    French rapper stuns fans, makes first TV appearance wearing hijab, turned To Islam
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    BBC: Great Britain Islam

    Assalam Aleikum
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    Dawah Manchester 2 Day Seminar 9 & 10th June 2012

    :salam2: Please visit for more events and information.
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    Norwich Muslim Association

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    King's Lynn Islamic centre: Queen's Arms plans approved

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    U.S. Muslim woman wins $5 million verdict for discrimination

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    Canadian Professor Embrace Islam