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    salamalaykum to all.hope u all in a good health.anyway i can not find thread about the video with resist fmily and am wondering if someone deleted???????????plz anwser!!!!!!!
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    WHY YHIS HAPPEND?????????

    salamalykum to all.i have question to,why my posts are invisible???????i'm posting new treads i'm trying anwser to someone and i can that any reason of that????? can u plz anwsre?i hope i didn't hurt anyone???or something???:girl3:
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    uuuuh confiused...

    salam to all :hijabi: Brothers and Sisters,can you tell me something more about birthdays?? i heard different opinions that we can celebrate and can not. You've got more knowledge than me so plz explain me this.maybe some proofs??:SMILY27:
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    SOMALI WITH.....

    Dear Brothers and Sisters. :SMILY23: I don't know what happend with my previous thred so i'm sending again.I've got question : is Somali man allowed to marry white muslim women???Is something strange and difrente with this???Is this some kind of shame???I really have to know this...
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    Dear Brothers and Sisters i was wondering why my post is still invisible??i send yesterday and that was really important for me.maybe should i wait longer or send new one??:hijabi:
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    Asalaamalykum Brothers and Sisters! I am a new member from London and soon part of Islam,INSHALLAH:SMILY34: This site helped me so much to learn more about Islam and i am happy to see open and helpful people to each oder.No matter where we from,which language we speaking,how we looking WE ARE...