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  1. BinKhadija

    Adhan given by Shaykh Naif Fida

    Asslam'u Alylkum, Adhan given by Shaykh Naif Fida in Masjid Al-Haram. I think it is very peaceful & pleasing to the soul. Subhan Allah. English subtitles are available. E96yiVYIZ4Y Asslam'u Alykum.
  2. BinKhadija

    Non-Muslims' rights in an Islamic state

    Asslam'u Alykum, When Prophet Muhammad established first Islamic state in Madina, he laid out rules for Muslims and non-Muslims. I need to verify if a hadeeth (Prophet’s Saying) regarding this topic is authentic. It's told that at time, Prophet said, "Whoever harms a non-Muslim citizen...
  3. BinKhadija

    Subscribed Threads in Folders?

    Asslam'u Alykum, How can I add my subscribed threads into folders, if I can? I've been able to add new folders via Folder Controls but can I actually move some of my threads into them? Wa'salaam
  4. BinKhadija

    Would you force your daughter into a marriage?! :O

    Asslam'u Alykum brothers & sisters, Can a girl, who's about 16 yrs of age, deny to marry the man parents have suggested? I'm in need of help since I always thought it was otherwise but now after having read something I'm kind-of shocked. This is what I've found on the topic so far: “And those...
  5. BinKhadija

    I’m the Man [the youngster who puts himself forward]

    It is reported that there was a young man who was from the people of knowledge who used to put himself forward, speak and behave haughtily with his knowledge in front of those older than him. This angered Sufyân [Al-Thawrî] and he said, “The Salaf were never like this; they never used to claim...
  6. BinKhadija

    Can you be a headmaster at just 16 years old?

    :salam2: This is about a young boy Babar Ali, whose remarkable education project is transforming the lives of hundreds of poor children. Around the world millions of children are not getting a proper education because their families are too poor to afford to send them to school. In India...
  7. BinKhadija

    Salaah tul Jummah

    :salam2: I need some help in learning how to do Jummah salaah. Meaning if I want to lead it. So, - Would you please mention the important rulings to be considered for its Imammet (leading it)? - Please provide me with a concise and short (but not too short) Arabic Khutbah. I'd see my...
  8. BinKhadija

    Unwelcomed Guest

    Might make you smile. Yeah I hope. :D Once upon a time, there was a shepherd looking after his sheep on the side of a deserted road. Suddenly a brand new Porsche screeches to a halt. The driver, a man dressed in an Armani suit, Cerutti shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, TAG-Heuer wristwatch, and a...
  9. BinKhadija

    Hinsul Muslim (AUDIO book)

    Hisnul Muslim (AUDIO book) Asslam'u Alikum, Here is Audio of Hisnul Muslim - the most famous Invocations collection. I was trying to find the mp3 format of the book here on TTI but couldn't, so when I have found now on the net, thought of putting it up here. Just in case it could be of some...
  10. BinKhadija

    People are afraid of what they don't know?

    Asslam'u Alikum brothers & sisters, I have recently seen this video: Muslim Demographics, uploaded by some so-called Muslims' friend YT user. Have you seen the video? It has got many views in relatively short period of time. Liked it, or loved it? There are two things mainly I want to hear...
  11. BinKhadija

    Anyone doing Pharmacy??? And, on Gap Year??

    Anyone doing Pharmacy??? And/or, on Gap Year?? Asslam'u Alikum brothers and sisters, I just thought if I could know is anybody doing Pharmacy (MPharm), or planning to do it next year at Uni? And is anyone taking a gap year here apart from me? Bit more about me as a student: I am a final...
  12. BinKhadija

    Nobel Laureate Accuses Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing'

    :salam2: I was reading around and came across this interesting news article about latest "illigimate legal" acts of Zionists. Interesting enough, not everyone is with Israel - that is, of those who have reputation in International Politics. Anyway, we know ALLAH swt IS with Palestanians and...
  13. BinKhadija

    Where are the gifts?

    Muadh Ibn Jabal: Where are the gifts? During the caliphate of Umar, Muadh was sent to the Banu Kilab to apportion their stipends and to distribute the sadaqah of their richer folk among the poor. When he had done his duty, he returned to his wife with his saddle blanket around his neck...
  14. BinKhadija

    I am the King

    Asslam'u Alakum Wa'rehmatullah brothers & sisters! Abdullah Ibn Masud said: A rabbi came to the prophet pbuh and said: O Muhammad, verily Allah has placed the heavens on a finger, and the earths on a finger, and the mountains and trees on a finger, and water and sand on a finger, and the...
  15. BinKhadija

    Hello everyone! :)

    :salam2: I'm a Muslim brother, from England. I'm 19. I'm here to escalate my knowledge of my Deen-e-Islam. Insha'Allah. :wasalam: