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    Haram to wonder how Allah look

    I agree with u
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    The most unluckiest person in the world..

    Dear Brother The night of power are in the odd days of Ramadan.
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    The most unluckiest person in the world..

    Thank You Jazakallah for this
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    Who are the 5 percenters ???

    Ive also herd that that black ppl made white ?!?! umm whay up with that ...
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    Who are the 5 percenters ???

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    May Allah guide us All - Ramadhan and Tarawih in Singapore

    Aslamalaykum ur soo rite But allhumdullilah here in canada the mousqe is full .... Last year it wasnt .....
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    Who are the 5 percenters ???

    :salam2: I am wondering who are five percenters ?? I realy want to know ohh yah why are they called 5 percenters ?? Do they follow islam ? Are they muslims? I realy want to know plzz tell me .:salam2:
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    Kamal Uddin - Illallah

    thxz sr hagar I like the nasheeds jazakallah khair!!
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    would you marry

    dont care bout country place whatever care bout faith and heart
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    I am not somali but I like somali ppl there friendly and nice Many of my friends are somali.I am Afghan.
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    is it haram...?

    ohh this true !!! No more pepsi and coca cola for me .
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    Welcome to the site! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Video Sister Carolyne in England accepts the truth and becomes Muslim, Love for Islam.

    I love this website it is like a Muslim cummunity Online
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    Did anyone watch cnn special: lift of veil

    Ha I totally Agree with u
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to this site it sure is wonderfull If you have any question or anything ask us feel free to ask
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    Inside the Oven

    This is soo true thx for sharing
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    Excellent site, take a look

    thx for the site !! I think it will help many
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    :salam2: Mashallah subhanallah YAY !! I am very happy that you have converted to Islam my Allah help you with every problem you have.:I will make a dua for you soo you can be a strong muslim inshallah.:salam2:
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    Video that's not hijab

    LOL the brother is right ...... and Funny 2