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    CUBA islamic centers and organizations

    :salam2: I'm italian and my name is Bilal. I will come to Cuba in april and I''ve read that there aren't any mosques... can you tell me if it is a problem to pray in public or if it is possible to do it without problem? (specially from authorities) Do you have some suggestion or any type of...
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    My first Ramadan. Alone :(

    well... reading this amazing thread make me feel not so alone! It's my first Ramadhan too... I told my mother this august there will be Ramadhan and fasting time... I really hope Allah will help us if He wants not breaking the fast and do it without difficulties. we can speak here on our...
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    Islamophobia - Nouman Ali Khan

    jazakallahu khair si, li ho fatti io... ho trovato molto utile il canale e allora ho pensato di mettere i sottotitoli ad alcuni dei video che mi son stati più utili o che ho trovato interessanti. inshallah ne posterò ancora! wa alaykum salam sorella
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    Islamophobia - Nouman Ali Khan

    ora ci sono i sottotitoli in italiano a questo video. è un discorso di Nouman Ali Khan sulle origini della predicazione di Muhammad (saws), su come fu male accolta dall'elite della Mecca e perchè, sull'importanza dei principi di giustizia ed uguaglianza. - cliccare su "cc" per sottotitoli -...
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    Question about alcohol/vinegar prohibition

    what about pharmacology? :salam2: Jabir narrated that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said; "Whatever intoxicates in a greater quantity is also unlawful in its smaller quantity." (Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood and Ibn Majah) Does this Hadith implies consecuences in pharmacology? There...