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    Android Apps Quran, Athan, Hadith etc?

    Salam I have Samsung Galaxy Note & looking for a Top 10 Azan & Hadith Apps
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    A list of brief Islamic sayings for sending to one’s friends

    Jazakh Allah for these SMS
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    assalamualaikum.. anyone have yusuf islam mp3?

    I want it too plz :)
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    probably sounds stupid but.

    Are you a Muslim ? cos the way you think is realy sad
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    Azan 2.5

    Anyone knows if this works on Htc HD2 (T9193) or which would wolk on it ? Jazkh Allah
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    Athaan and Recitation as a ringtone?

    Salam, sorry for cross post I need a Prayer software for my HTC HD2(T9193) phone can someone give me a link to where I can get please Jazakh Allah
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    Christian secret messages in guns?

    This is real Sad
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    All Quran Mp3 Sites in the World.!!

    Salam all I would like to know how would we know the ayah in which we need to prostate, when listening in Audio When we read it shows Indication is there any audio where it indicates us that Next Ayah we need to prostate ? So can I put in a Beep Sound before it plays the...
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    Hadiths on internet

    It does not play :( do i need a softwae to play it ?
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    SAHIH BUKHARI audio HADITHS in urdu...

    How to listen to it ? when i click on it it give 3 option Find Save Cancel i tryed save it but does not play :( do i need some software for it plz ?
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    Hadiths on internet

    Salam Brothers I would like to have SAHIH BUKHARI Hadith in Audio so could listen to it in English or Urdu language Please Help
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    Complete Sahih Al Bukhari in MP3 Audio

    Salam Brother do you have Bukhari Hadith in English Please jazakh allah
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    All Quran Mp3 Sites in the World.!!

    Need Noble Quran on PPC (in english traslation) Salam Brothers Is there any software where I can listen to translation Of Noble Quran in simple english on my PPC Phone Would be nice if we can mark it, when we stop the recital. So we can start to listen from same place again when we start...