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  1. ovomer

    What's your degree or education background?

    assalamo alaikum, nice to see qualified muslim community here. may Allaah swt give us power and abilities to use this knowledge for the uplift of muslim ummah in particular and all the nations in general. i have following degrees 1. DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) 2. M. Sc (Hons.) in...
  2. ovomer

    Completion of PhD degree......

    jazak allaah khair to all
  3. ovomer

    Completion of PhD degree......

    jazak allaah khair, respected sister. i am always ready to help my dear brothers and sisters for higher studies.... regards
  4. ovomer

    Tour of Madinah University

    masha allaah, i wish to serve that university.....
  5. ovomer

    Completion of PhD degree......

    Assalamo alaikum, Alhamdulillah with the grace of Allaah swt, i finally attained my PhD degree in pharmacology and toxicology. My research thesis title is" effect of ivermectin on macrophages and angiogenesis in poultry". Now my qualification is DVM, M. Sc (Honors ) in Pharmacology, PhD...
  6. ovomer

    Treatment Of Dengue Fever Through Verses Of Holy Quran

    jazak allaah khair.....
  7. ovomer

    dengue virus.....

    jazak allaah khair all....
  8. ovomer

    The Five Categories of People who Pray

    jazak allaah for sharing...
  9. ovomer

    dengue virus.....

    queenislam, thank you very much for this nice information especially drinking of young coconut water. may allaah swt give rewards to u and u become queen in janna too.
  10. ovomer

    dengue virus.....

    bismillaa hillazee laa yazurroo ma'a ismehee shaeunn fil arze wlaa fissamaae wahowasamee ul aleem...] another dua... but i am here to be guided fully... jazak allaah khair
  11. ovomer

    dengue virus.....

    jazak allaah khair respecetd sister
  12. ovomer

    dengue virus.....

    assalamo alaikum, i belong to Lahore, Pakistan. we are suffering from dengue virus attack spreading through mosquitoes. kindly let me know the supplication (dua) to prevent or cure it. i request all of the muslims to pray for pakistani nation. jazak allaah khair.
  13. ovomer

    personality test

    very nice...
  14. ovomer

    a free english grammer cheker!!!

    jazak allaah khair... but i was in need of advanced english checker. i found that on regards
  15. ovomer

    a free english grammer cheker!!!

    dear all, assalamo alaikum.. i am in need of a free english grammer checker for my PhD dissertation. it is required for its final submission and then research paper publications.can anybody help me in this regards? jazak allaah khair for this help at the earliest.
  16. ovomer

    Let us promise NOT to celebrate valentine day!!!!

    very pooooor response from the tti members on this issue. hope all are in favour of NOT celebrating this particular day. regards
  17. ovomer

    Was Aisha 9 or 19 when she married?

    i dont think that this is such an important issue to discuss!!! Allah swt will not ask us in the grave about it. we should not indulge ourselves in such matters as writers in the history did not tell us the truth. so my request is to stop these topics and try to learn the faraidh in islam. regards
  18. ovomer

    Let us promise NOT to celebrate valentine day!!!!

    assalamo alaikum. A bad day (valentine day) is coming and being muslims we should not celebrate this day and try to stop other muslim fellows to avoid celebrating this day. we the muslims, believe in 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year love with our parents, brothers, sisters...
  19. ovomer

    Social Impact of Islam on Neighborhoods

    jazak allaah khair for this nice information!!