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    i have seen the video many times it is very very powerfull thank you very much jazak Allah kheir
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    Educating Your Wife in Islam

    it is better to say educating the partner in islam because sometimes we find good wives suffering with bad husbands with sincerity and faithfulness we make things better with patience and wisdom. many problems will disapear with smartness and intelligence things will go smoothly and softly
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    Nelson Mandela 1918 - 2013

    sometimes i ask a questions why we accept to stay media victimes if they beautify something we see it beautiful if they present something a devil we keep the same image this has nothing to do with greatness on nelson mendela but ther are other peoples more important than him and nobody talk...
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    I'm scared of death

    it is up to us to make things easy or worse think about the present moment rely completly on your God do your duties and take things easy and it will be
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    Continue Your Disobedience if You can Fulfill Five Conditions

    jazakom Allah kheir for this noble remindening frankly. when we think deeply we have no justification to disobey God we live on his earth we live on his sustenece we can.t hide ourselves from his control we have no choice if the time of death arrives we can.t oblige angels to take us to paradise...
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    Three categories of Tawheed

    not all scholars saying that sometimes we find some interference between tawhid robobya and alohiyya take this verset coranic إن الذين قالوا ربنا الله ثم استقاموا they said.our lord is God they they take the stight path and i think the first one who said tawhid is three categories is shekh...
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    How To Give NASEEHA With Wisdom - Shaykh Muhammad ibn abul-Wahab al Aqeel

    jazakom Allah kheir personally .i have seen many brothers making seriouse mistakes when they give advice.their parents. their wives.their sons.i swaer they get fed up with them because they are harshly very sweet good wisdom evidently. all this has nothing to do with...
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    Is Allah happy with non-muslims praying to Him?

    i tried to suscribe and they askes many times to change the passeword so i left it without subscribing.
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    Why Are Giant Sinkholes Appearing All Over the globe?

    we should deal with precaution concerning such questions not to take it as a garantee. but to be aware because surely there are many strange things happening. we ask God mercy in all cases.
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    [Dr. Abdullah al-Farsi] What it means to be a Muslim?

    jazakom Allah kheir muslim means to worship purely God muslim means to devote his whole life to God muslim means to be a constructive element muslim means to assume the heavy responsibility calling people to islam muslim means to see the present life just as a passage and the eternel dwelling...
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    As-Salamu Alaykum some christians say the Trinity is 1 God ?

    the concept of the trinity is logically. mentally.historically is refused logic says that one is not two and two are not three and three are not one on the rational level is very complicated to accept it historically. we have many massangers. if it works with the christ the peace be upon him why...
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    The darkest, hardest and the most difficult day for the Muslims....

    jazak Allah kheir. really, it was the dearkest moment in our history, this doesn,t mean not to accept God,s destiny but to show how much we love our prophet the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him. it was the hardest day because the light of prophecy has been disappeared the first leader...
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    April fools And Its Dangers

    jazAk Allah kheir i think the question of telling others lies is evidently unacceptable and according what we notice for exemple in France only weak muslims who don,t exercise practically their religion imitate others. t the right muslim who push indirectly others to imitate him not the contrast.
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    Why Are Giant Sinkholes Appearing All Over the globe?

    jazak Allah kheir we must be aware. ther are many important significant indicators that show us something unhabitual is going to happen. it is not a question of optimism or pessimism but a simple conclusion for this strange turmoile of events.
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    The Way to Happiness, Peace and Security.Islamic Book about attaining True Happiness

    barak Allah fikom we hope to get benifits from this important book. ther is no true happiness but in Islam wherever we go to get it. our efforts will go in vain but in our wenderful Islam.we feel it. we taste it. and the best happiness that lasts forever alhamd lillah.
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    What happened to Syeikh Ramadan al-Bouti??

    but ashari and maturidis are muslims and most of our scholars in the north of Africa ans Egypt as well and syrie are asharis
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    AYAH OF THE DAY WITH TAFSIR Jumada Al-Awwal 1, 1434

    jazak Allah kheir every time when i read this wenderful verse i ask God to help me saying only good words many muslims suffer from uttering bad words we need urgently to purify our mouthes and the purification of the mouth is a part of heart purification
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    Allahu Akbar --- How the Arab Springs and Hijab changed my Life

    i agree that hijab will surely change your life positively but arab spring is something else look at now what is happening in the arab world. is it morally acceptable
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    according to my experience try to forget this story as soon as possible because focusing on this question will make your life difficult and none can assure you he could solve the question definintively. many people saying many things. but practically the question is different Allah tells us in...
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    Surah 14. Ibrahim ::::: 52 Verse::::

    jazak Allah kol kheir