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    A muslim's Concern

    I agree with you. I don't understand why they have to mention the word MUSLIMS though. Is that really necessary? Allah knows best.
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    A muslim's Concern

    Salam everyone. Just wanted to share this news with you guys. Since its regarding our brothers and sisters. Following is the link This is so sad. It's the same even in Singapore :( Hope things will...
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    Yes yes, I second that! Welcome welcome welcome mate! :)
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    This is my opinion , i just want to share with you all

    I agree!! Not all jews are mean. LEet's not be stereotype here!! By thinking this way, we are no different that the non-muslims who are isolating us just because we are muslims. Because to them, Muslims means bad people and terrrorist!
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    An interesting website for you

    Salam dear brothers and sisters, I would like to share this website for you as I find it very interesting. Please share this website with others if you find it beneficial for you. Following is the link to the website, Have a good day and May...
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    an insult to Islam & the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

    NO are not at all over the top!! file complain! we must learn to defend and speak up..or not they will keep on going!! GRR
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    "Fight against your ego with the four swords of training:

    Masha Allah..jazakallah khair for sharing.. Ego is the reason most things crashes..
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    The cradle of Islamic scholarship embraces the digital revolution

    I think this is a good move. Alhamdullilah.. Any comments muslimin out there?
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    Waallaikum Salam, I like this website TOOO!! Have a nice day! Take care
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    Earthquakes everywhere!!! Thats scary

    OH yes yes, I agree..I was starting to freak out too..but honestly sister/brother Islam!!yay,we must not believe 2012. That's something normal human being figured out. We must believe from Islam point of view. If you see from Islam point of view, mostly all the small signs have occured and yes...
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    Miracle of Azaan

    The Holy Prophet Mohammad (SalallaAllahu Alehi Wasallam) said, “When any one of you hears the muezzin, let him say something like he says, then send blessings on me, for whoever sends blessings on me, Allaah will send blessings tenfold on him. Then ask Allaah to grant me al-waseelah, for it is a...
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    Question on Polygamy

    Thank you brothers and sisters for the reply..
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    Calling all reverts/converts to Islam

    Excellent thread. Beautiful and amazing stories. Good job brother arzafar =)
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    Question on Polygamy

    Salam brothers and sisters, I would like to know, according to Islam must you let your first wife know if you would like to practice polygamy. Please and thank you Wassalam:blackhijab:
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    A new Muslim and his mother

    Jazakallah Khair. What a beautiful story. Very touching indeed.
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    Muslim family removed from the plane

    How ridiculous these people can be. Childish to be exact! Honestly, I'm sure you can do better than this.. May Allah protect all Muslims in this world.
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    - Ibn Taymiyyah Quotes -

    Salam badtastebears (bro/sis), Thank you for the quotes. Very informative.It is lovely. Thanks for sharing Have a good day. Wassalam
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    Do you the meaning?

    Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters, I am sure you all have this nasyid called Sallatullah Sallamullah. If you have not heard this wonderful nasyid, you can hear it here.. These are the lyrics and...
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    12th rabbi ul awwal??

    Okay..but it is okay to read Yassin as a gift for Rasullulah right? Or am I wrong?
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    My Introduction..........

    WELCOME WELCOME AND WELCOME girl (hehe er-sister) just like you said..i thought it was really cute when i read that part..!!!!!!!!!