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  1. Salam2You

    Communicating with shaytan?

    Salaam alaikum Can people communicate with shaytan and hear responses? I was reading some music lyrics to find out the meaning of the song in order to reveal the hidden messages, and some are directly said to shaytan but are said indirectly to hide it. Some artists praise him for his pain...
  2. Salam2You


    Salaam Alaikum I've been wondering for a long time now, how do you know you're truly in love when you only have a short matter of time to discuss as a mahram witnesses all the conversations you have before marriage? I don't disagree with the idea, it's just... I really despise my culture and I...
  3. Salam2You

    Wish of death

    Salaam alaikum, Seeing one sign of qiyamah is people hope for death, is it a bad thing? Well, I'm guessing it is, but with full honesty I must say there a down hills in my life most of the time and so I wish for death out of frustration. I know there are people who wish for death...
  4. Salam2You

    'Peaceful music'

    Salam alaikum Have you ever heard those instrumentals? Smooth pianos, etc. Are we not allowed to listen to those? I've heard some clips and they're so beautiful and peaceful, and even reminds me of the grace of Allah, how beautiful everything is. Is it still haraam even though it...
  5. Salam2You

    Prepare for the End of Time?

    Salam alaikum So much evidence has brought me to understand that the end is not far, at all. I can just sense it. SubhanAllah it feels like it's here and I'm so scared. I become so weak and terrified for the signs to come. Why? Because I'm guilty of all the sins I've done, and doing...
  6. Salam2You

    The World War 3 Conspiracy

    Salam alaikum all! Insha'Allah you're all blessed with good imaan and health ~! I've been researching about the Illuminati conspiracies and yes - they're pretty much true and once you have the puzzle pieces put together it makes perfect sense. Albert Pike- Who is he? Albert Pike was a...
  7. Salam2You

    Family problem...

    Salam alaikum, My sister has problems I think she's mental, she has a disability. She continuously swears at my parents and abuses them. I can only describe in words, if you were to see how she treated my parents you would be scared. She has threatened to kill me with a kitchen knife, etc. I...
  8. Salam2You

    Make up - confidence

    Salam alaikum, If a girl has a pure heart and only intends for a good sake such as wearing make up for confidence at school is it haram? I mean, in the heart she's 100% sure and doesn't want to attract boys, it's an all-girl's school so it's unlikely that would happen. She covers up fully...
  9. Salam2You

    Dear admins and members

    Salaam alaikum all, I just want to thank you all so much for the heavy amount of knowledge I've gained throughout the years. JazakAllah khairan to you all for contributing to help fellow sisters and brothers, I hope to stay on this website till my last days - no, seriously! Really...
  10. Salam2You

    I'm not allowed to fast

    Salam alaikum my mum and dad restricted me from fasting................ please help me
  11. Salam2You


    Salam alaikum all, As I am a confused little soul - can anyone tell me whether I have to pray 20 rakaat every night or just last 10 days of ramadhan? Is it sunnah? Optional? Please inshaAllah tell me asap. it's 11pm atm and I just finished all my ishaa, so idk whether I should do...
  12. Salam2You

    I need tips for patience

    Salaam alaikum all, I really need tips on patience because it seems as life goes on I'm becoming short-tempered. Please help me. I hate this effect. I feel irritated and when I'm not patient I get very aggravated and frustrated. JazakAllah khairan everybody
  13. Salam2You

    School & music

    Salaam alaikum all, Living in the UK I have to put up with having dance lessons at school as an obligation. There is no choice to it up to year 9 which alhamdulillah I'm nearly in year 10 so not far from it, My teacher has given the whole class a project which we have 4 weeks to finish...
  14. Salam2You

    Tahajjud to nabi s.a.w?

    Salaam alaikum I know these sayyids that make istikharah directly to muhammad s.a.w instead of Allah. Is this shirk? (sorry for the title it meant to say istikhara but I got mixed up!)
  15. Salam2You

    Women travelling alone?

    Salam alaikum, I was watching this lecture and found out women can't travel on their own. I walk to school alone which takes me approx. 15/20 mins. Does this count? I am travelling alone and I am a girl so I guess it does? But just incase, please reply to whether it's permissible for...
  16. Salam2You

    Sharon Horgan makes Mecca Suicidal joke

    Salam alaikum brothers and sisters, (Link contains uncovered woman) Please send a complaint at: JazakAllah khairan for your view on this and please please send a complaint. Go To...
  17. Salam2You

    Will the possessive jinn lead to sin?

    Salam alaikum Just two quick questions which I've wondered about.. Is it possible for a religious person to get possessed by jinn? Also, when possessed, the person doesn't have senses on what they're doing so if the jinn does something in their body which is haram or a sinful act, does the...
  18. Salam2You

    I wanna become religious but how?

    Salaam alaikum, You ever got that feeling where you wanna do something but don't know where or how to start? Or something stops you *cough cough e.g. shaytan* :angryred: Yeah.... I got those feelings. Can anyone inshaAllah gimme tips on how to keep steadfast of the deen? JazakAllah...
  19. Salam2You

    Is it allowed to whiten teeth?

    Salaam alaikum brothers and sisters, A quick question, is it allowed to whiten our teeth? If not could you please reply with references of Qur'an or hadiths. Thank you
  20. Salam2You


    Salaam alaikum brothers and sisters! I woke up with such a smile today and really wanted to share this dream I had it was amazing........ (Remember it's a dream so it's unrealistic!) I had an infinite amount of money and so hired millions of Muslims to practice a year of jihad so that they...