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  1. Maha*

    Syrian Revolution

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    Inside Tahrir Square

    Asalamu alaikum, I just got back a while ago from Tahrir Square again. While I've been hesitant before to write about my experiences, today I have come back overfilled with emotions that I just can't not share it. I pray Allah accepts it from me and I remind myself that this is solely for...
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    My country needs you

    Please. Make lots of dua for Egypt. The "security forces" have already killed three of my brothers and sisters and injured hundreds in today's protests. Please, please, watch this video to see what they're doing. I know not everyone is on FB but you can still view it even if you're not...
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    Youth Aqeedah Course - Kamal El Mekki

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    Dua for New Year authentic?

    I saw this dua circling around my friends, دعاء أول السنه بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم من قال اول المحرم اللهم انت الابدي القدير وهذه سنه جديده اسألك فيها العصمه من الشيطان وأوليائه والعون على ...هذه النفس الامارة بالسوء والاشتغال بمايقربني اليك ياكريم قال الشيطان ايسنا منه ويوكل الله به ملكين...
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    The ocean of dunya

    The ocean of dunya By: Yasmin Mogahed Yesterday, I went to the beach. As I sat watching the massive California waves, I realized something strange. The ocean is so breathtakingly beautiful. But just as it is beautiful, it is also deadly. The same spellbinding waves, which we...
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    Our sister sarahlou

    Asalamu alaikum, This is to inform you that our sister sarahlou was admitted to the hospital the night before Eid. She spent Eid in the hospital having surgery because they found out she has appendicitis. As of right now, alhamdulela she is out of the hospital and staying with her family...
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    Post Ramadan

    By Muhammed Al Shareef Picture this: Faiza, like you, has amazing goals and aspirations and potential. But she can’t realize it because ... well, she’s just too busy. Mubarak! Ramadan comes along. Although she had no time before Ramadan, somehow in this month she is able to: Fast, like...
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    The Believer’s First Response to Islamophobia in America

    Nouman Ali Khan – The Believer’s First Response to Islamophobia in America Asalamu alaikum, I advise everyone to listen to this lecture. Essential for anyone who lives in the West. Mashaa Allah Nouman Ali Khan is the first (as far as I know) to address the issue of Islamophobia and he's done...
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    The Millionaire Who Went To Jannah

    Muslim Money Master The webinar is an exciting topic, "7 Ways to Increase Your Money whilst Coming Closer to Allah". In it we will... * Address the beliefs Muslims have about money * Discover the fundamentals that must be mastered * Open our eyes to new ways of thinking about our...
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    Duas for the deceased please

    Asalamu alaikum, can you please give me duas to say when a person dies. My grandpa passed away just a while ago (may Allah grant him Firdous), and I'm in no mood to search so I'd be grateful for anyone who could do my homework for me. Lengthy ones would be very great. JazkAllah khairan. Also...
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    Prayer Time For Air Travel

    Knowing the correct Salaath times while travelling by plane is still not easily available for travellers. We are looking at building some tools which could make it a little bit easier for the travellers to find out the Salaath times based on the departure and arrival times. We are in the midst...
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    Halal Friendly Travel - Crescentrating

    Crescentrating Basically, they offer as is stated on their website: 1. Crescentrating Crescentrating is our core product. It is our proprietary rating system to rate travel and tourism facilities and services for their Halal friendliness. Crescentrating allows the consumers to make an...
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    Got Manners? - Kamal el Mekki

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    Purpose of Life - Kamal el Mekki

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    Trials & Blessings of the Greatest Journey

    Trials & Blessings of the Greatest Journey by Naiyerah Kolkailah It’s an unparalleled experience that can never be captured through words; it rises with your soul to its origin in the heavens and humbles your body towards its earthly origin; it gives you glimpses of the Hereafter and...
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    whatsislam By Yusuf Estes Excellent audio lectures about the basics of Islam. Concise & to the point. The best I've seen so far.
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    Love Is In The Air

    Love is in the air By: Yasmin Mogahed Love is in the air. Or at least that’s what advertisers want you to think this month. While it’s nice to express your love often, Valentine’s Day comes once a year to give you no choice. And for the owners of floral boutiques and chocolate shops, Eid...
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    Remember To Fast Ashura (December 27th)

    According to scholars, you may choose to fast 'Ashura' on three days (ninth, tenth, and eleventh); two days (ninth and tenth); or one day only (the tenth). The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "Fasting the day of 'Ashura' (is of great merits), I hope that Allah will accept it...
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    The Lady Who Spoke The Quran

    Abdullaah bin Mubaarak – may Allah have mercy upon him – said: I sat out for hajj to the sacred house of Allah and visiting the masjid of His Prophet may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. As I was in the road, I suddenly saw a black figure and when I managed to distinguish it I...