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  1. auroran

    Short Survey: Best title for some Islamic-shows.

    :salam2: I took the survey but I think there should be better titles. :salam2:
  2. auroran

    Have two questions !

    :salam2: 1) yeah 2) :salam2:
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    :salam2: Opps I thought the sister meant men and women were praying beside each other, not men at the front and women at the back. :salam2:
  4. auroran

    Hell Fire Poem ..

    :salam2: This poem is very bad...the person said he couldn't make Allaah understand?! And Allaah calls the guy child and takes a step back and he saw him?! This is a Christian poem. The poem is called, "Jesus can save you from Hell." All the guy did was replace 'God' or 'Jesus' with...
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    Kill me Syria!

    i have trouble understanding things sorry
  6. auroran

    Libyan Protests: Deadly 'day of rage' in Libya

    :salam2: This is terrible what is going on with our Ummah. Now even children are targeted. Insha' Allaah Libya is in my du'aa's...may Allaah remove that tryant Ghadafi. Ameen. :salam2:
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    Kill me Syria!

    :salam2: What's going on in Syria? :salam2:
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    Must watch..

    :salam2: Jazaaki Allaahu khayran for sharing ukhti. Alhamdulillaah new brother and sisters guided to Islaam. :salam2:
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    New muslim brother in town !

    :salam2: Enjoy your stay here akhi. :salam2:
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    :salam2: Yeah I remember this girl. She helped people learn about Islaam but she didn't convert herself. Allaah only accepts Islaam. He who chooses a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him, and in the Everlasting Life he will be among the losers.[3:85] Her not...
  11. auroran

    Sister Seeking Allah's Mercy. .

    Inna lillaahi wa inna alayhi raji'oon Insha' Allaah her grandfather and his family is in my du'aa's. :salam2:
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    :salam2: They can move from there for the sake of Allaah subhaana wa ta'aala instead of living like that. :salam2:
  13. auroran

    Mercy halal slaughtering

    :salam2: Jazaaki Allaahu khayran for sharing sister. May Allaah bless this company and make it grow and reward the company for their efforts. Ameen. :salam2:
  14. auroran

    Ask help to Rasool (Sa)

    :salam2: All you have to do is some research. Insha' Allaah you will find the answer, as I did. It's the answer to the man calling upon the Messenger of Allaah :saw:. I found it on another forum and I will copy and paste it here insha' Allaah.
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    Fantastic word game

    Guidance is what we need!!
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    :salam2: What kind of game is this?? :salam2:
  17. auroran

    Have you Thanked Him?

    :salam2: JAZAAKI Allaahu khayran once again ukthi
  18. auroran

    Hate comments on Youtube

    :salam2: There are whole pages dedicated to bashing or making fun of Islaam, in fact I saw one right now that's supposed to be 'funny'. They will not go away and spew insults. They think they are safe from any kind of accountability when it's waiting for them. I'm not really sure how YouTube...
  19. auroran

    Ask help to Rasool (Sa)

    :salam2: Insha' Allaah someone knowledgeable will answer but obviously calling on someone who is dead will not help you. You can send blessing on the Prophet :saw: and give salaams and he responds back, but he can't help you and your problems. Also you shouldn't listen to what the people of...
  20. auroran

    10-year-old girl saves herself from rapist by reciting Qur’an

    :salam2: Jazaaka Allaahu khayran for sharing. May Allaah bring our sister many blessings and make her hafiz of the Qur'aan. Ameen. How brave she is, masha Allaah. May Allaah remove this man. Ameen. :salam2: