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    Mods/Admins read this.

    Salam. First of all, I hope every muslim's provided with good health, and may Allah grant the ummah victory in Syria and other muslim countries. With that said, I will get to my question. Lately, I've been unable to contact mods/admins, I tried to send PM few times, but somehow it seems like...
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    New Design and lay out for the website?

    :salam2: I think this website deserve some changes when it comes to the scripts and layouts. The banner is the same, and it's 2012 now...and that looks like a banner made with paint. No offence :D. Looks like we have a lot of programmers on the website, so why don't we start a competetion for...
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    Are these hadiths sahih?

    Just came across this website with a lot of scary informations. I'm curious if anyone with knowledge can tell me if the hadiths mentioned there are sahih or not.
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    Israel Vs Iran

    Looks like the political situation are getting hotter, what´s your guys view on this?
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    Just came across this Sharia-handbook and how Non-muslims should be treated in an Islamic state, I wonder how much of this is actually of Islamic character and is this how we should treat them? ''9.11.3 Conditions imposed on non-Muslims Such an agreement is only valid when the non-Muslim...
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    Statue building

    Hello, an old friend called me today and wanted to know my view about a sculpture she's making in an area where there lives a lot of muslims. I told her the view from a islamic way and decided to meet her in few weeks to speak about it proper. What's the best thing to do?
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    What does TTI think about an independence Kurdistan?

    :salam2: First of all, I want to apologize if this is wrong section, but couldn't place it under ''News'' since this question have been going on for centuries. For those who don't know about kurds/Kurdistan read here, so now I want your opinions about...
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    Confused about a hadith

    The angel is sent to the sperm-and-ovum drop after it has settled in the uterus for FORTY OR FORTY-FIVE NIGHTS and says, "Lord! Is it to be wretched or happy?" Then this is inscribed. Then he says, "Lord! Is it to be male or female?" Then this is inscribed, together with its deeds, its progeny...
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    Bukhari 84:64 During the last days there will appear some young foolish people who will say the best words but their faith will not go beyond their throats (i.e. they will have no faith) and will go out from (leave) their religion as an arrow goes out of the game. So, where-ever you find them...
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    Hudaibiya Agreement

    :salam2: I'm interested in reading the agreement in details between Muhammed (pbuh) and the meccans, what went wrong? and who broke the agreement first? I would like to hear the whole vision with help of hadith etc, thanks.
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    Quran 18:74-18:80

    I'm wondering about these verses where a young boy is killed for disbelieving, is it the only cause for killing a boy? And what's the whole story behind killing an (innocent) for his disbelief?
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    Question about two hadith

    :salam2: Bukhari 8:387 Allah's Apostle said, "I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: 'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.' And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood and property will be sacred to us and...
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    Aisha (Ra)

    Bukhari 73:151 Narrated 'aisha: I used to play with the dolls in the presence of the Prophet, and my girl friends also used to play with me. When Allah's Apostle used to enter (my dwelling place) they used to hide themselves, but the Prophet would call them to join and play with me. (The...
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    Ottoman Empire

    :salam2: I've a question that I would like to have a long answer on (Better with an article about this issue.) My question is, was the Ottoman empire muslims (Stupid question I know) I've read the history of them and it dosen't seem so good. Is it a part of the islamic history, of course...
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    This Nasheed makes me cry This beautiful nasheed by Ahmad Bukhatir touches my eyes a lot and makes me cry. It reminds me of my father...I've never actually got to know him so much because of all the things we have been through :( He left me and my mother when I was 3-4...
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    Back to faith

    Hello brothers and sisters, it've been a long time since I posted on this forum. I just wanted to speak out, feels like there's a tornado inside of me. Well, maybe some see my previous thread and will understand, im a teenager (Under 18) and born in middle-east in a muslim family...
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    Why? how?

    I'm curious about how the islamic areas lost their power. I know it was powerful and had it golden age for awhile..but what destroyed middle-east and made it so weak as it is today?
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    It's always back to the one and only

    Hello, I want to share this story I've about the last months, what I've been going through.. NOTE: My english's not perfect and I'm a teen so please respect that. (long text) It all started in november 2009, I met a girl over internet..We knew eachother better and better for eachday and...
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    Help me through this nightmare

    :salam2: Brothers and sisters... I'm going to try to tell this story short...because it's very long and i don't like to bored ya all out... I've met a girl over Internet...been talking to her for few months and few weeks ago she got in love with me and i did the same aswell... But, since...
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    Very powerful recitation (Al Hadid) By salman al utaybi Mashallah so beautiful :ma: