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  1. hasbona lah

    jesus messenger (peace be upon to him )

    assalamou alaikom ouarahmatou ALLAH ouabarakatohou firstly peace be upon to my love my teacher the messenger mohamed (peace be upon to him ) ameen after i agree whith my chaikh khaled yacine god help him to spread this message of islam ameen anyone can tell me that jesus (peace...
  2. hasbona lah

    Video spreading of islam

    assalamou alaikoma ouarahmatou ALLAH ouabarakatohou i am interested in the number of converted to islam this year how many brothers and sisters have embraced islam who know this can tell mùe how many (اذا جاء نصر الله والفتح ورايت الناس يدخلون في سبيل اله فسبح بحمد ربك و استغفره انه كان...
  3. hasbona lah

    tereorism against islam

    assalamo alaikom ouarahmatou ALLAH ouabarakatohou the terrorism this word means terror and you know in islam if you try to terror a muslim or any human in this earth you will'nt enter to paradise that what said the prophet mohames (peace be upon to you my love ) and who do this act i think...
  4. hasbona lah

    que fait-il

    assalamo alaikom ouarahmatou ALLAHI oua barakatohou bon pas moins de deux jours on va recevoir le mois de ramadhan ce mois qui est le mois de l'esprit le mois for the pure ce mois je trouve pas les mots pour m'exprimer le description de ce dernier mais la question que je la pose c'est que...
  5. hasbona lah

    welcome ramadhan

    assalamou alaikom ouarahmatou ALmy brothers my sisters ramathan is coming and what can we do? it is simple we should take this seriously and work hard that before you know what because my love mohamed (peace be upon him ) boast the messengers on that day (el akhira ) and you know if we love...
  6. hasbona lah


    assalamo alaikom ou rahmatou ALLAHI oua barakatohou we are a muslim then we should to help each other .muslim arround the world we have to be together . the native muslim(muslim bil fitra ) have to help the converts and vice versa by learning the languages by the advices by all what we can to...
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    assalamo alaikom ouarahmatou ALLAHI taala oua barakatohou firstly i would like to tell about the group (el jamaa) we have to be together because we are obligated to do so this is what god said about (jamaa) and if anyone try to live in this world alone he can't ,and what is the result if...
  8. hasbona lah

    be whith allah and don't afraid

    be whith allah and you will succeed in yor life and don't worry about what happened around you when you are whith allah because allah say that he was with the pure but remember that he said (افحسبتم انما خلقناكم عبثا و انكم الينا لاترجعون )
  9. hasbona lah

    You will not violate the Earth and you will not reach the mountains taller

    firstly i am sidali from algeria ,i am 28 years old and i am a muslim and i am proud to be a muslim i have studied the commercial sciences and i can speak french and arabic (my launguage ) and english but am not good in as i am in the first what can i tell you about islam it is so so great this...