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    British torture of Iraqis

    :salam2: Baha Mousa inquiry: soldier's diary The inquiry into the death of Iraqi detainee Baha Mousa heard extracts from a diary kept by Private Stuart MacKenzie, of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, while on tour in Iraq. Private MacKenzie was one of the soldiers guarding Mr Mousa...
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    What is your excuse ?

    :salam2: Not having Quran Mushaf (Book) doesnot stop Muslim Children in Somalia from studying Quran. What excuse do we have for not reading and studying Quran ? Read more about them --> :wasalam:
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    Urdu: Shaadiyan Kaiku Late Horai - Hyderabadi Ishtyle

    :salam2: A video on a serious Social problem we face in the subcontinent. We might not agree with all of it. But, the problem is really serious. And the Solution is very simple. Please watch and forward it. PmQpkbjqhsM
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    Rabbis in Jerusalem chant "Muhammad" !!!

    O Jews and Christians! Your books mention Prophet Muhammad :saw: cur_6aYs_7k
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    Who is the Happy One?

    :salam2: DlcS9TbeF_k :wasalam:
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    100% Medicine/Engineering/Management Scholarships, India

    :salam2: Medical/engineering Scholarships for Muslim students in India from IRF. :wasalam:
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    Shaykh Sa'eed Da'as Taraweeh from Dammaj, Yemen

    Shaykh Sa'eed Da'as Taraweeh from Dammaj, Yemen
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    Interest-free loans for Indian Muslims for medical, engg courses

    IDB offers interest-free loan to Muslims for medical, engg courses Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Jeddah has invited applications for scholarship cum interest-free education loan from meritorious but financially needy Indian Muslim students to help them to pursue professional courses such...
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    Hyderabadi Haleem

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    "My Life with the Taliban", Abdul Salam Zaeef

    :salam2: A book written by Former Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan, ABdul Salaam Zaeef. Published by Columbia University Press. PDF --> - REMOVED :wasalam:
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    I'm a RABBI, you are a LIAR!

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    Saudi jobs 2010/2011

    New Vacancies for a University in Northern Province of KSA – 2010/2011 Sl.# Discipline No of Positions Gender Remarks 1 MIS Lecturer 10 Female Masters in CS or Management Information Systems with 3 years of exp. 2 MIS Lecturer...
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    "God" can't even fight a case ? NEW DELHI: It may have come as a surprise to many when Bhagwan Sri Ram Virajman virtually fought litigation for the last 21 years before the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad HC through...
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    Not praying in congregation ??

    He does not pray in congregation because of his work If a person sometimes does not go to Fajr or Taraweeh prayer because of intense pressure at work, is that permissible or not? Please note that my father usually does not fail to pray Taraweeh in Ramadaan unless he is sick and he is also...
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    Shaykh Bin Baaz May Allah have Mercy on him

    :salam2: Some incidents from the Shaykh's Life... :wasalam:
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    Arabic hard for brain !!!

    On Saturday morning I woke up to find my inbox inundated with emails linking to an article on the BBC’s website entitled Reading Arabic “hard for brain” with an embedded picture of little Muslim girls in hijab reading the Arabic alphabet. Parents, somewhat concerned about the potential strain...
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    Who the Heaven are you ?

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    112 Phillipina Women accept Islam in Dubai

    :salam2: 112 (phillipino) women accept Islam on the last night of the (9th) Dubai Ramadan Forum. This is the first time it has been held in any other language than arabic The Speaker was Omar Penalbar from the Phillipines :wasalam:
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    Makkah Taraweeh 2010 Full

    :salam2: Night 1 tZYwIUn4q-E Link --> :wasalam:
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    Email from the Grave

    :salam2: ZKK95YLmtSQ :wasalam: