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    Urdu TTI?

    Assalamo Alikum Brother Thanks for your reply,INSHALLAH with the help and Grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY we will be able to do batter.I am very happy from your post,plz pray for me that ALLAH ALMIGBHTY gives me the strength till death. One special request is that brother plz contact with Muhammad...
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    Video islam reaches Alaska subhan allah

    its a very niece and encouriging thing that people are entring in Islam
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    Urdu TTI?

    Assalamo alikum Plz translate these things into urdu Assalamo alikum Plz translate these things into urdu ALLAH HAFIZ:shahadah::bismillah::shahadah:
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    Video Youngest Muslim Reverts in The World. Children in England Turn To Islam.

    Assalamo Alikum I really like this vodeo and most important i am very surprised by the kids how they embrace Islam.these are really the signs of ALLAH ALMIGHTY.say my salam to these my new muslim brothers and sisters ALLAH HAFIZ