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    Goodbye My Beloved

    Mashallah, That was really good and thanks for posting it i never knew about things concerning the deceased and what is proper according to Islam. thanks MAy Allah (SWT) reward u. Salaams
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    Jewish Maryam Embraces Islam

    Salaams, Sister very intersting read and just shows how far people come in the journeys of life and to find the truth. it was als very encouraging. salaams
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    this will make you cry

    Asalama aleikum, subhanallaah, that was tear jerking and really shows the imprtance and respect that we need to give our mothers and fathers. becasue truly only a mother can do anything for her child no matter what. Alhamdullilaah
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    The new me.....

    Salaams Sister Murra, and welcome to islam inshallah u will learn alot about the deen and make alot of friends who will help u on ur journey. salaams
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    Adhaan An Amazing Discovery!!! (It'll definatly put a smile on your face)

    Salaams, SubhanAllah, i have never thought of it like that quite an interesting read and something to know, muslims all over the world are some time or another always praying and the adhan is always being heard all over the world. salaams
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    6 fasts in Shawwal - Dont miss out on this massive reward!!!

    salaams, thanks for the reminder. salaams
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    The Spoon in the Plate

    Salaams, Mashallah, very nice and quite helpful, thanks for posting salaams
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    16 Things One Can Do On Laylatul Qadr

    salaams, Wonderful brother Hafeez thanks for sharing. salaams
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    Lailat al Qadar Dua by Sa'ad Al Ghamdi

    Mashallaah, Mashallaah very beauitiful dua lovely recitation, may Allah bless u abundantly. Salaams
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    Salaams sister Sarah, welcome to TTI. Ramadhan Mubarak
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    advice to new muslims

    Salaams brother and thanks for that, as a new muslim those tips will definitely come in handy. May Allah Bless u. Ramadhan Mubarak
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    Salaams, Welcome to TTI inshallah u will like this Site and Inshallah u will learn alot from it and also share alot. Ramadhan Mubarak
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    Muhammad Mudassar

    Salaams, welcome to TTI, inshallah u will like it here. Ramadhan Mubarak
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    Welcome to TTI and hope u will revert soon, u never know what tommorrow holds. Inshallah it will be well. Salaams Ramadhan MUbarak
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    New member

    Salaams, welcome Firm Believer, Inshallah u will like TTI and u will also gain alot from it, Ramadhan Mubarak
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    Battery Charging & Manual!!!

    Salaams, we;; said brother that was quite beneficial to us all Shukran for that post and u will be remembered in my Duas Salaams
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    I m a new member

    Salaams, Welcome to TTI. Ramadhan Mubarak Salaams
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    i need help on this site plz

    salaams, im no expert on this site but i think for using a picture i think u have to have a certain number of posts before u can do that as for signature maybe and i say maybe it may be the same that is depending on the number of posts . sorry if im wrong its just my view. INshallah other...
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    Salaams, and thanks for that post quite beneficial. salaams
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    I'm new here :)!

    salaams, and welcome sister Inshallah it will be well and u shall take ur shahada i just took mine myself so i know when it is the right time it will happen. May Allah continue to guide You. Salaams