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    Say forgiveness to each others after ramadhan

    Taqobalallahu Minna Wa Minkum, I apologize to all of my brothers and sisters from my deepest heart, if i made mistake and fail in words to you all this time, Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin. Back to Fitraah, Ramadhan clean our soul
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    The Dajjal

    what about freemason with its illuminati and the shadow government. I think they are an ideal area for dajjal to born in the earth. Dajjal-> He only have one eye which is his eye, he could only see one view which is his view.
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    help with a question please.

    I am sorry for my late answer, because i had business so i am not often open this side for a while. in shiite, we allowed to have mutaa, (temporary wedding) especilly with non muslim girl. BUT in shiite we couldn't get mutaa with every girls. we could get mutaa only with three kind of`women...
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    As long As Still become American Puppet Till Die We Cannot Go Forward!!!

    Assalam, you are just one hundred percent correct sister, bribe is really the son of darkness, even worse than iblis itself. these money politics used by unbelievers to fighting islam at the moment of our prophet. bribe is the opposite of sadaqa, sadaqa is the tools belong to the light of love...
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    Marriot Hotel Conspiracy

    I think everyone could feel this bombing was a conspiracy, just like Bali bombing in my country.
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    New to site

    Very very very true
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    Please help me! I feel like I may lose control!

    Where do you live sister It is hard to believe, cause, What a very difficult situation to solve do you had alredy children? do you have friends? at least you have family from your mother side, and what about your neighbours? your friends at school? If you don't have all of them, you still have...
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    few questions about day of judgement

    the source of the end of day must cause by the evil in the heart of disobedience humans. Just like the people of prophet Noah. The bigest colosal suicides in the history was the story of the people of prophet Noah. they flooded themself with their knowledges. Actually they mentioned it to...
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    Is it haram to think this way?

    I think you should make a distance with him. let time give us our mind changes. Hope Allah will show us the truth behind the seen.
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    History thread!

    the spreaded of islam in my country was a real prove that islam is a religion based on peace and love.
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    the biggest robbery in the history of science!!A must watch

    brother, I really need the link of these video in the you tube. could i had the link please thanks before. this will e very helpfull for dawah in my country.
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    Please Help!

    thank you so much dear sister Amirah80, I'll duaa for you, hope you will get strong imaan and ikhlas to Allah.
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    Please Help!

    Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb. Syukron to all of my brothers and sisters I ever watched video in the thread in TTI about speed of light in the Holy Quran, but now i forget it and i don't find it alredy. would my brothers and sisters will show me the thread please syukron. I need the information...
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    as salamualaikum wr wb

    Ahlan sayyid
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    As long As Still become American Puppet Till Die We Cannot Go Forward!!!

    I am very angry and tired, to see my government policy have always dictate by US government. Even our internal affair policy, foreign policy let alone. Just recent my president had dialog with Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad said that Indonesia had priority from Iran about nuclear energy matter. But...
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    Salam from Indonesia

    Wa Alaikum Salam ...he..he he piye kabare mbak
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    How do you feels about Ramadhan?

    Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb. Today is the day of nine of ramadhan. So what do you feel about ramadhan, your feelings or maybe your experience during fasting. Or maybe what is your challenge on this ramadhan? I will start with myself. Maybe this ramadhan is better than ramadhan last year. I...
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    Mubarak Ramadan!

    Mabrok sister, you just jumped forward from pagan to islam. this is a blessing month. ask Allah for giving you strong imaan to this deen
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    Are We Muslims Only In Ramadhan?

    Ramadhan redevelops our management. Fasting will not kill us. we eat two times. In the usual month we will eat three times. the number of eat times dispute at usual month just one times than ramadhan. so the consideration of ramadhan more to our desires than our physical endurance.
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    Im finally a muslim Allahamdullilah!!!!

    Alhamdulillah, mabrok sister for joinin family!! hope you will be patience facing the test after became muslimah, I am so happy to hear