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  1. sister amina


    assalamualaikum, I posted this thread almost a year ago, I was new to internet at that time and I had no experience of the so called "islamic emails" that are being circulated nowadays among muslims. But anyways, I myself don't believe in it now. So, I think this thread should be deleted.
  2. sister amina

    Who said these words?

    assalamualaikum, Is it 3esa alaihissalaam?
  3. sister amina


    Assalamualaikum,my dear brothers and sisters. I haven't posted since a long time.My family and I have completed our umrah sucessfully in this ramadan alhamdulillah!!!!:tti_sister: We left for makkah on thursday 17th of september which was the 27th of ramadan at 4:30.its a ten hour drive from...
  4. sister amina


    assalamualaikum, This is what you can call a daily phenomenon here in riyadh.Infact here it is the complete opposite men and boys stare at us if we are not in niqaab but stare at us even more if wear niqaab!!!!this IS really the strangest thing that I have ever noticed. may allah guide us and...
  5. sister amina

    What's ur favourite Aayat of Quran?

    assalamualaikum, nice question akhi. One of my favourite ayahs is this one from Surah -Ankabut.'' Recite what is sent of the Book by inspiration to thee, and establish regular Prayer: for Prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds; and remembrance of God is the greatest (thing in life)...
  6. sister amina

    Two beautiful verses to ponder upon.

    assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,, I hope that this finds you all in the best state of health and imaan.I have picked up two beautiful ayahs from the holy quran,and I request you to reflect upon them. "Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of...
  7. sister amina

    Will you?

    assalamualaikum, jazakallahuljannah.may allah free all the muslim ummah from its sins and accept our repentence. btw the picture is awesome!!!!!
  8. sister amina

    Happy news alhamdulillah

    assalamualaikum, mashallah tabarakallah.may allah bless you and reward you with a happy married life.
  9. sister amina

    Going to the prom..

    Assalamualaikum, nice topic!!!I feel sorry for the sisters who felt left out,but nevertheless the almighty has prepared for a huge reward in the jannah.As for the proms I have never attended one and inshallah will never attend it.moreover there is nothing like ''prom'' here in my place.But we...
  10. sister amina

    and you say quran is hard to memorise?

    :salam2:brothers and sisters, I had told you all about my quran exam that I had to give an exam of six juz.Well it has ended and alhamdulillah I gave it my best. I would like to share with you all what I had seen there. As i sat in a room full of women and girls reciting and revising the...
  11. sister amina

    Are you getting ready?????

    assalamualaikum brother, jazakallah khairan for sharing this message with us. We have just finished studying the tafseer of surah fajr in my madrasa,and i must say it really is very interesting.
  12. sister amina

    loss of greatest treasure

    :salam2: ''Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon'' I feel very sad for you sister and pray to allah that he may grant your parents jannah.And I also pray that may he bless you with sabr.Keep praying sister that is all we can do and as for rest, leave in the hands of almighty....:tti_sister:
  13. sister amina

    "If you accept ...............!!!

    assalamualaikum, mashallah la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah jazakallah khair for sharing.
  14. sister amina

    A Cry from A Chat Victim - good lesson for us all

    :salam2: How I that each and every young girl of our ummah reads this and learns a lesson from what has happened to the poor sister.may allah protect the youngsters of this ummah from fitnah.:astag::astag::astag:
  15. sister amina

    A Thousand Camels

    assalamualaikum, mashallah a niice reminder.jazakallah khairan for posting!
  16. sister amina

    ***It was Mohammed,more beautiful than the night***

    assalamualaikum wa rahmtullahi wa barakatuhu, subhanallahi wa bi hamdihi!!!subhanallahil adheem!!! mashallah!!!tabarakallah sister asja,a really great effort even though I don't see you I can feel that these words are coming from your pure heart with pure love and affection. May allah plant...
  17. sister amina

    My Only Wish!

    assalamualaikum sister, mashallah.very nice.I loved the poem. may allah grant our brothers and sisters relief from the tyrant israel and make them and us all muslims steadfast upon our deen and succesful in duniya and akhirah.
  18. sister amina

    How can I cite Quran in a MLA style?

    assalamualaikum sister, would you let me know what do you mean by ''MLA'' style? jazakallahkhair
  19. sister amina

    A lil taste of Canada

    :salam2: mashallah nice place.
  20. sister amina

    how many surahs you have memorised?

    Assalamualaikum Mashallah and tabarakallah to every who has memorised even a single surah.pray for me everyone that i finish my hifdh this year.may allah guide us all.ameen