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    Sisters Asalam alaykum sisters

    big warm welcome akhawaat <3 if there's anything or just want a chat feel free to holla :hearts:
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    Question: Husband Making a Wife do Sin?

    U should ALWAYS obey to Allah first ! Dear sister this story really hurts for me as a woman. You are being abused and that's not what islam stands for. I don't know the culture there but there is a big difference between culture and islam.. unfortunately its something most people don't accept
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    Girlyyy epileren van wenkbrauwen

    Het epileren van de wenkbrauwen behoort tot de grote zonden (al-Kabaa'ir). Het is overgeleverd dat de Profeet (vrede zij met hem) zei: "Allaah vervloekt de Naamisah (de vrouw die de wenkbrauwen voor anderen epileert) en de Moetanamisah (de vrouw die haar wenkbrauwen laat epileren)." (Moeslim)...
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    Girlyyy Vrouwen van de profeet

    Khadija Bint Khuwailid Voor haar huwelijk met de profeet Sallalahu 'alaihi wasalam ook wel Tahira genoemd, was de dochter van Khuwaylid ibn Asad van de stam van de Quraish. Zij groeide op in een welvarend gezin en huwde tweemaal, maar beide echtgenoten overleden. Omdat zij daardoor alleen kwam...
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    Yummy! Healthy foods

    sent me an email then: [email protected] :)
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    Winter Colors

    ma sha Allah <3
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    Yummy! Healthy foods

    sent me a pm, i'd love to help you ^^
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    Yummy! Healthy foods

    where are you from? Sent me a message maybe I can help in sha Allah
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    Serious Work from home for an international compagny

    herbalife international is looking for new members. I would like to expand my team. Are you: Able to work alone? Interested in healthy lifestyles? Want to make money, and work for it? Offer: Choose your own hours Work from home Be your own boss Get lifetime coaching and help from me We are...
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    Yummy! Healthy foods

    Assalamu aleykoum, Anyone who would like more info about healthy food or work with it can contact me. Losing weight, gaining weight, getting fitter.. I could be your mental coach in sha Allah All halal of course. Let me know if ou are interested :SMILY252::SMILY252:
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    Yummy! healthy lifestyle

    Dear brothers and sisters Do you also feel so tired all day? Or do you wanna lose weight in a healthy way without starving ? I did, but now i feel so much better thanks to a healty lifestyle ! Exercise and good food is sooo important. Alhamdulilaah, the Creator really took care of us in all our...
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    Salaam I am new and I need some advice

    a lot of courage sister !
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    Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah

    big welcome <3 feel free to add me
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    Need a friend

    bi welcome ! feel free to add me x, where are u from?
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    MaShaAllah! Beautiful Islam Words/quotes.

    the most beautiful quote: La Ilaha ila Allah :SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:
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    MaShaAllah! Beautiful Islam Words/quotes.

    love this thread
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    My husband does not come near me

    dear sister any woman deserves love and affection. Try to make some time for a home-spa :) take a long shower, take care of your body ( get rid of hair in places they don't belong, put on body milk, scrub your face..), do your hair, put on some nice make-up and e beautiful dress and then a nice...
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    Refreshing HELPP, Drinks for kids

    What is a healthy drink for kids besides water? My youngest daughter (2) doesn't want to drink pure water and I don't want to give sugars to my children so i'm a little desperate here :) Milk is also not liked anymore and I could let her wait untill she get's really thirsty but she wouldn't...
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    Urgent need of guidance and help. Feel terrible!!! :(

    May Allah give you the strenght to get trough this. I see that this post is from a while ago, any news? Feeling better? I can assure you that leaving things for the sake of Allah only gives you much better things. Allah doesn't take anything away unless He gives you something better...
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    Female just convert to Islam

    you can always contact me sis, i've been in the same situation but alhamdulilah i go out shopping with my mom now wearing hijab, they eat halal too... :D i also need contact with sisters in sha Allah so feel free