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  1. Julie1134

    Lost friends and family

    My brothers and sisters I thank you so much for your support and for the hadiths. :hijabi:
  2. Julie1134

    Lost friends and family

    Thank you both so much. I feel much better now and I am going off to sleep. I forgot how lovely this site is and all my family here. May Allah bless you all for your kind words ameen. :hearts:
  3. Julie1134

    Lost friends and family

    As'salamu alaikum, I am sad tonight and I can not sleep. I am 31 years old and I have lost a childhood friend tonight. She was not able to accept my life as a Muslim. I tried to help her to understand only to get called all sorts of names by her and her husband even though I was being...
  4. Julie1134

    WV blues

    Salam sis, I didn't know you live in WV. I was wondering how far you are from Huntington?
  5. Julie1134

    Allah's name on the body

    As'salamu alaikum, I have noticed Allah written perfectly 5 inches below my neck. It is actually the blood veins under the skin. Could this mean something or is it just something normal? :muslima:
  6. Julie1134

    Where do you live?

    USA USA- Kentucky
  7. Julie1134


    Salam, Good question I too want to know.
  8. Julie1134

    help me

    Salam I have had people say horrible things to me as well. I just keep quiet and say nothing. It can be hard to deal with sometimes. May Allah keep us safe and strong Insh'Allah. :tti_sister:
  9. Julie1134


    :girl3: :salam2: This must be so hard for you I can not even imagine. Is your husband a convert as well? There are womens shelters that will take you and your kids in and keep you safe. He will not know where you are and they can even come pick you up if you do not have a way. Please...
  10. Julie1134

    Problem with my family and hijaab/jilbaab!

    As a convert at first my husband said he would not walk near me in public wearing hijab. My mother was not really mad at me but could not understand why I would do such a thing. Over time things have gotten much better. My mom now reads the Quran and says she believes in the Muslim teachings. My...
  11. Julie1134

    Why do some men do this?

    Salam, My goodness I hope someone is able to help you with this. It does not seem fair and plus Islam teaches to be kind to the parents. How is taking the daughter from the parents being kind to them? Please seek advice from an Imam because this just seems so sad to me. What if the parents pass...
  12. Julie1134

    Safety Tips for Muslim Women

    I used to carry pepper spray as well
  13. Julie1134

    Safety Tips for Muslim Women

    I have been called towel head and some other bad names as well
  14. Julie1134

    Safety Tips for Muslim Women

    Thank You :salam2: Thank you for posting this. I have been yelled at, followed in a car with people almost hitting my car by being so close, being called a terrorist that needs to go back to my own country, someone kicking my things in the floor at college, and more. It can be scary. (I...
  15. Julie1134

    going to get tested in 3 hours

    Salam, That is great news may Allah keep you well and strong in your deen.
  16. Julie1134

    Praying in Hospital

    I bet if you asked the hospital they could give you a room to pray in that others could not see you.
  17. Julie1134

    Why do I hide my Islam?

    :D Salam, yes I have been through this as well. When I did finally tell my mom she didn't understand and she was a little upset. Mothers love their children no matter what they do. Alhamdulillah she now tells me she believes in Islam and she sometimes reads the Quran. Insh'Allah she will...
  18. Julie1134

    In a horrible mess

    Thanks As'salmu alaikum, Thanks to each of you for the advice. I should find a number online to call a masjid. There are no mosques in our area but I am sure I can find one online. :tti_sister:
  19. Julie1134

    Your experience of Islamophobia??

  20. Julie1134

    Your experience of Islamophobia??

    Yes Salam, 2 guys yelled at me from a car one day. Another day I was at the doctors office and 2 men were sitting close by. They were saying bad things back and forth to eachother about Muslims. They said we should all go back to our country and if we live here we should just become Christian...