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  1. Ibn_hassan

    Soorah al-Qiyaamah by Ibraheem al-Jibreen with English Translation

    Assalamu alaykum is this recitor related to shaykh abdullah jibreen who passed away recently in riyadh rahimahullah, I know ibraheem jibreen is from there too.
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    We've got the same problem in somalia where there are people who make takfeer on the people who dont agree with what they do. they've called for more jihad against the government and whoever supports them in ramadhaan, they do suicide bombs againts the muslims while targetting one person whom...
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    The most beautiful Athan ..

    لا أستطيع أن يستمع إليها هل لديك لتنزيل للاستماع ؟
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    You know you're in Ramadan 2009 when....

    Mashallah I liked the 4th one it really happens in my mosque druing taraweeh , I've got 2 more to share. 1. When the imam makes a mistake almost everyone tries to correct him. 2. After the imam reads the fatiha he starts the next surah quickly and the people behnid him try to read the fatiha...
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    Marriage: working-wife or non-working wife?

    If the husband is working why does the wife need to work? I dont see the point, it is for the husband to earn the living for the family. :wasalam:
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    your sister from saudi Arabia

    walaykumsalam Welcome to this forum sister. We've got few members from holy land, the qiblah of the muslims, biladal haramayn ashrifain, kingdom of saudi arabia may Allah preserve it and all the muslim countries...
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    A beautiful mosque in Abu Dhabi

    This is the biggest mosque in the world after the haramain.
  8. Ibn_hassan

    New Mosque

    Mashallah tabarakallah, 22 families! sister you may be small in numbers but you can achieve goals that that will be inherited by generation after genaration through your righteous deeds.And it will be sadaqa jaariyah for you. Allah says in surah baqara (How often a small group ovarcame a large...
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    I got..

    Subhanallah some parents may feel it's okay to kick their sons of the house when they get angry. but kicking your daughter out of the house sounds absolutely mad to me. May Allah protect us, Wallahi I feel there's a responsibilty on me when I see a muslim girl (specially those who were niqab)...
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    brother from Libya

    :wasalam: welcome brother I have alot of friends from the jamaheer.
  11. Ibn_hassan

    Balancing Between Jihad and Knowledge

    Jazakallah khayr, Ibn taymiyah said the jihad against one's own self is the foundation for Jihad agianst the kuffaar. There are some people who dont have enough knowldege but say they are waging jihaad against the kuffaar in general, They end up blowing themselves up. Which is against the...
  12. Ibn_hassan

    A Thousand Camels

    jazakallah khayr sister. Mashallah what a genorous man uthman ibn affan was. In the Battle of tabuuk uthman brought almost 1000 camels, horses and so much gold to the prophet sallalahu alayhi wasallam. The prophet had so much respect for him may Allah be pleased with him. He was also one the...
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    Salmaan al-utaybi

    Awesome recitation by Salmaan al-utaybi surah ali imraan 190-195 8_lLc-uiud0&feature=related
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    Surah An-Najm by Shaikh Muhammad Al-Mohaisany

    Mashallah tabarakallah. I love sheikh almuhaisany for the sake of Allah. I heard he's one of the richest people in makkah, My friend visited him at his home in Makkah and told me he helps the poor and provides iftar for them in Ramadhaan. Indeed Allah blessed him with taqwa and khushu' and also...
  15. Ibn_hassan

    Fancy graves (where are we going)

    Subhanallah I thought graves are there to remind us of death, and to take a lesson from them, I think these graves are the opposite, the remind us of the world and its beauties.
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    Most rediculous sufi "Zikrs"

    Subhanallah these guys are the real mutaidi'een, the most disgusting part is the feet kissing, I bet that guy wouldn't even kiss the feet of his own parents if he was forced to, It is an absolute humilation. I mean who is that sufi sheikh to let his followers do that, is he not afraid of the...
  17. Ibn_hassan

    Changing names

    Jazakallah khayr akhy I had a doubt about the changing bit but later I thought it is Ok if she agrees Because the prophet changed the name of his wife himself and if it was exception it would be said so.
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    Three Tough Questions

    This is similar to this
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    Changing names

    Assalamu alaykum dear brothers and sisters, I've had this question in my mind which I didnt find any answer to or come across any fatwa on this issue, It might be common sense but am not too sure so I thought I should ask the brothers or sister know about it or even anyone who had the same...
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    The hero of Islam (Ibn taymiyah)