1 great way to get closer to Allah


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As-Salamu Alaykum!​

By the will & mercy of Allah; I've recorded another video & wanted to share with my brothers and sister on this forum.

The video is titled "Getting closer to God"... Please share with others, and subscribe to the channel if you already haven't :)


muhammad sabri

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jazakallahu khayran, it was a great reminder, and i love the example you came up with mash'Allah, for sure we HAVE to understand the ones we love in general by knowying who they are and especially our Lord and Creator Allah(swt), He(swt) blessed us muslims with the knowledge of these 100 attributes and we inch'Allah have to implement them in our life they are our garden in which we can find rest by remembering,understanding and loving Allah(swt) each day more.
:wasalam: :) thanks again brother and may Allah(swt) guide us all to His(swt) Nur(one of His blessed names by the way! ahah)