6 Kalma of Islam – A Mobile Application to Enhance Your Faith


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Islam is the active submission of an individual to His Lord, Allah. It is a monotheistic religion means, there is no God, but Allah, and He is the superior power. He owns everything, whatever lies in our surroundings. The acceptations of this huge concept lie in small verse known Kalma. A true believer will not only recite these words but also shown in his/her personality. There are number of applications present in different app stores, covering 6 kalmas. One of them is 6 Kalma of Islam. This application is full of knowledge with easy interface.


Download 6 Kalma of Islam for Android | Download 6 Kalma of Islam for Iphone

From number of its key features some are:

1. Each Kalma is provided in both Arabic and roman transliteration.

2. Translation of Each Kalma separated in a different tab, presented in two languages English and Urdu. The significance of separate tab is to elaborate Kalma meanings and to make it easy to read.

3. You can listen to any Kalma.

4. Furthermore, you can also share it with your friends using different platforms, either by mail or social networking sites.