A beautiful ending for my grandfather..

Saifu deen



My grand father was a poor man, who owned a few camels, Goats, sheeps, and a butcher shop.

He was engaged in import and export of animals in Saudi Arabia (where he learnt Sharia), Oman, and Egypt. The maximum income of the household was enough for six people only. He had 13 childern, and two wives.

He was very pious, very religious and very humble with everyone. Many orphans came to the city where my grandfather lived. They weren't welcome by the people, and in many cases they were treated badly. My grandfather, heard this story, and went to look for those childern who recently arrived from different cities and countries. It took him three days to collect 30 orphans, where the oldest orphan was just 8 years old.

He brought them home, between his 13 childern and told them ''they are your brothers and sisters, they are going to live here for the rest of their life, they well wear what wear, they will eat with you from the same plate, and remember there is no difference between anyone of you because we are a big family''....

His first wife ''my grandmother'' said ''Alhamdullah, but you are aware of the financial difficulties, how are we going to manage a 43 childern in this small house made of mud'', he replied ''Have you forgotton about Al-Razaq, we will never die of hunger''....

The very next day he took them to the ''Madrasa'', where they can learn how to recite the Qur'an and he paid the fee for the orphans.. During the lunch time, he refused to eat if one orphan is missing, and he used to wait for them. Those orphans (males, and females) came from Eithopia, Oman, Yemen, and Somalia, and they spoke different langauges.

They grew up in a very poor household, but they happiness of those orphans made my grandfather, the happiest man at that time. He used to play with them all, and help them to memorise the Qur'an..

After a few years, my grand father became very ill because he was very old indeed, and found it difficult to pray in Jama'a. But nevertheless, he used to attend the Jama'aa regardless of his illness. One day he heard the Adhan for Fajr prayer, he took his wudu, and went to the mosque taking all the boys in the house. At the second Ra'aka during Su'juud, my grandfather passed a way. One of his sons said ''father, father, get up the prayer is finished but there were no sign of answer''.. The smell of the mosque was very beautiful, and there were Noor and smile in his face, which amazed everyone in the mosque, Alhamdullah..

The muslims brothers in the city gathered to pray Sa'lat Al-janaza. They went to dig the grave. Subahanallah, there were no rain for over 12 months in that city, during their effort to dig the grave, it started to rain, and the water filled the grave. So they tried another place again & again, but the rain filled every grave they digged. Until they digged a grave next to his wife's grave ''grand mother'', although it was raining heavily, but it was the only grave they managed to dig despite the heavily rain.... Subahanallah, Allah (SWT) wanted him to be buried next to his beloved wife...

May Allah (SWT) blessings and mercy be upon my grandfather and my grandmother.. Amiin

May Allah grant us a beautiful ending, and make us among those who love the poor and orphans.. Amiin, Amiin, Amiin



Son of Aa'ishah(R.A)

Masha-Allah,what a nice way to pass wasy from this world.
AMEEN to your Du'a.:tti_sister:


Subhanallah, :mashallah: Jazakallahu khayran for sharing, May Allah (SWT)'s blessings and mercy be upon your grandfather and your grandmother.. (Ameen)


Asalamu Alaykum!
that was a beautiful and moving story jezakallah kheir for sharing
may allah bless your grandparents:tti_sister: ameen