A beautiful mosque in Abu Dhabi


Assalamu Alaikum

The mosque is indeed beautiful but it also conveys that the end time is near

MashAllah! MashAllah! I love it!! Very beautiful Mosque!! I soo wanna go there and pray InshAllah :)

There are only three mosques which one should intend to go to and make journey for. Masjid Haram in Mecca , Prophet's mosque in Madina and Al-Aqsa mosque. I hope someone will bring up the hadith related to this.

May ALLAH SWT bless you all.



La Illaha Illa Allah
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I went to see the mosque yesterday in Abu Dhabi.. Its a really beautiful one Subhaan'Allah. Especially the persian carpet and the chandelier look quite magnificent.

this is a good looking place but this place is also a house of grave worship

shaykh zayeds tomb is located inside of it

you shouldnt be decieved by the big and glamourous structure of this building, because many houses of shirk are big and beautiful also :D


:salam2: isn't it haram in Islam to built a mosque near a grave yard or grave. Dubai is going astray, there spending billions of dollars instead of donating to their fellow neighbours, ehem Iraq. They can rebuild Iraq, Afghanistan or help the needy. More specifically the Dubai prince is ignorant his the one who started everything. May Allah (SWT) guide him, and all the Muslims that are going astray

I asked my father about the tomb of Shaykh Zayed and he showed me that the tomb was outside the region of the mosque, that is the place where you perform Salah. Even the place to make Wodhu isnt considered to be inside boundaries of the mosque. So Alhumdulillah thats all cleared hopefully.

And people dont indulge in tomb/grave worship in that mosque also. Alhumdulillah.

And Allah knows best.



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masha-allah it is beautifully designed and wel decorated, but is this not odd to the teaching of our xabiibi (peace and blessings of Allāh be on him), who said 'I have not been commanded to decorate the mosques', and the companions did the same, for example, 'Umar ordered the building of the Mosque and said, I give people shelter from rain; and beware of painting (it) red or yellow, for thou wilt thus cause people to fall into trial. besides too much decoration would distract one's prayer it would mine.