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asalam alaekum.

Qur'an and hadidth such as finger and fingernail. Qur'an teach us main rules like a constitutional law and hadith teach us applications it.We should follow both of them for being a great community of Islam (Ummah)

May Allah bestow us more curiosity to study Islam properly...:tti_sister:


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Selam alejkum!

We have translate this book on the macedonian language! :ma: the nonmuslim where very interest about it. This year when was the macedonian fair of book, we have sale hundred of it, and all to the nonmuslim! :ma:
My Allah give the best reword to the brothers who write it!

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السلام عليكم

A very nice resource. Inshallah, once I have logged off, I plan to print out a few copies of this to give to other brothers who don't have internet access. Thank you for providing a link to it.

جزاكم الله خيرااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا:astag::salah:


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assalamu alaikum sister from south

could u pls tell me from where can i have a copy from this book in macedonian language

jazaki Allahu khairan

assalamu alaikum


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Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb

Ass Wr. Wb.To dear all of my brother and sisters.
I had already to get little study about Al- Hikmah Al - Muta'aliyyah i al-Asfar al-’Aqliyyat al-Arba’ah by Mulla Shadra. I think this teaching theory by Shadra is the best method to interpret the Holy Quran. especially the histories part of the Holy Quran.
There are miracle in all of the stories in the Quran. based on the Shadra theory that there are four journey to get united with the will of Allah. We could replace the four journey by Shadra become three step of knowledge to know the will of Allah/the tauhid. The first knowledge is the 'knowledge on the physical body' the knowledge on body is the main/essence of the physical viewable/detectable matter. The top stage of this knowledge gave by Allah to Asiyah Binti Muzahim, the Pharaoh's wife. This knowledge used by her to continuing develops the body of prophet Moses baby's body. She queath this knowledge to prophet Moses too after he get maturate. This knowledge used by prophet Moses to made the snake that eaten the small snakes made by Pharaoh's magicians. Actually there are theory and practically in this knowledge. And the practically part of the body knowledge is the main of the technically knowledge (an integration of the technical knowledges those possible there in the universe).
the second knowledge is the knowledge on spiritual. The other name of this knowledge is the knowledge on mind or the essence movement knowledge. Knowledge on spiritual/mind/movement is the main/essence of the knowledge on body. The top stage of this knowledge gave by Allah to mother Mary, the prophet Jesus mother. Actually She is the master of mind. She could read all of human's mind, the sense work of animals and inside movements all of things. This knowledge used by her to conduct the happy mind of prophet Jesus. At the lower stage of this knowledge every prophets could made fly things, rip a part the red`sea (used by prophet Moses), and conduct the antygravity circumstances (used by Prophets Muhammad to split the Moon).
The third knowledge is the knowledge on awareness/consciousness/waken. The top stage of this knowledge gaved by Allah to prophet Muhammad Rasulullah.
This knowledge is the main/essence of the spiritual knowledge. This knowledges used by Rasulullah, thirdteen times to made human beings by the direct order of Allah. The first made, he made Imam Ali. Imam Ali made by him just like Asiyah/Pharaoh's wife continued developing prophet Moses body. Rasulullah was directing the awareness/consciousness of Imam Ali. The second human whose he made is his own daughter Fatima Zahra. Fatima made by him just like mother Mary implant the happy mind to prophet Jesus baby. The lower stage of knowledges on awareness or consciousness could made animals or angels just like prophet Saleh/Salah/Salih made a camel. or prophet Abraham waken the four birds, or prophet Ismail/Ismael made two angels whose helped prophet Lot. The last is the will of Allah, the will of Allah is the essence/main of knowledge on awareness or consciousness.


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thank for posting, it really helpful, especially im a new convert...

Here some more.
I'll show you to recognize the differences among the prophet knowledges in the Holy Qur'an. There are some prophets who possesed the three of the knowledges, and there are some prophets who just possesed the first and the second knowledges.
And to recognize us about the meaning of 'shalihin' Shalihin are people whose could make sure that their moves is always a pray and da'wah. They got knowledge on consciousness.

If we read the Holy Qur'an very precisely. We will see some prophets whose had same pattern of struggled, lived journey and dawah each other but different then others prophets. Here they were five prophets: prophet Noah, prophet Hod, prophet Salih, prophet Lot, and prophet Jethro/Syu'aib. They had people, and Allah order them to give advise to their people, but their people defiance against their own prophet and then got punishment.
But there was one prophet between these five prophets of had different pattern for his struggled and live dawah. Who was he? Here he was prophet Lot.
Could we see the differences? The differences was there were two angels to tell him about his people awareness situation. prophet Lot said to the two angels something like: "Its little bit heavy to know this."
I little forget about the words precisely in the Holy Qur'an. He said that after the two angels explained him if his people should give punishment. Prophet Lot could passed this test. He punished his own people by the order of Allah with intermediary of two angels and prophet Ismael.
But what is that mean?
This mean that prophet Lot did not have knowledge on consciousness. He couldn't monitor the consciousness of his people.
Other four prophets, they monitor their people awareness, and then they know their people were incorrigible.
and somethin slip away from our view these all mean, that prophet Jethro is the descendant of prophet Ismail! He was the Midian, and the Midian place in Arab. So prophet Jethro is an arab.
And if we read the story in the Holy Qur'an, (I forget the Surrah, maybe between surrah Al-A'raaf, and Surrah Hud). there were a dialog between prophet Jethro with the people of Midian.
The people of Midian said: "Hey Jethro! if we don't remind and considering your family, we will stoning you!!"
prophet Jethro answered them with question, "What is my family got more glory then Allah?"
Are not the dialog remind us about Rasulullah Muhammad with his family Bani Hasyim?
and prophet Jethro isn't jews because at these moment all of jews just located in Egypt.
The prophets and people whose possesed knowledge on consciousness were the shalihin. shalihin were the containers of the light of love/the light of Muhammad. So must be the direct fathers of prophet Muhammad.
But some of them weren't become prophet, like Adnan for example. Adnan is the grandson of prophet Jethro. He is there in the Holy Qur'an, He was the guy who met prophet Moses at the cross of two ocean and the cross of two land. When prophet Moses ask him for gaved lesson about knowledge on consciousness.
Adnan is the nephew by marriage of prophet Moses. If we read agains very precisely their conversations in the Holy Qur'an, will be sure for us that they were already know each others before the met.


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This is a facinating resouce, Less daunting than other texts due to the language barrier, truly interesting to everyone. I wish there were more resources like this out there to help everyone learn more about the Islamic faith.


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i actually have a papper copy of this book and it was as great first book to read as convert it really eaised me in it all, not over loading me with info and have nice pictures.

much love
revert - sister
sister yvette


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Guide to Islam

Thank you for that guide. I have just converted to Islam and find it very good. I am struggling though to learn the arabic to be able to do prayers properly. Do you have any advice? Which parts can I say in english and which parts must be arabic?

Thank you


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I quite agree with this point. In fact the converse is - dying in Islam is the only definer of success - and if this is applied to our daily lives, peace and tranquility on earth will greatly prevail - InshaAllah and Allah Knows Best.



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assalam 'alikum,dear muslim brothers and sisters,I hope in sh Allah,one day Islam will become the universal religion ,so that in the Day of Judgement everyone one's spoken language will be the Arabic.As the holy Quran says,"inn ad din 'inda Allahu hua l islam"