A Brother In Need... Please My Brothers and Sisters


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Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.....
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Dear Brothers and Sister I really need your help, Please help me as your Duas can help me Because ALLAH swt responds to Duas made by others for someone.

I have an issue, I want to Marry someone and the situation is that her FATHER does not like where i'm FROM????? Brothers and Sisters SHE is the only Girl i found that accepted the way I am in every way Mentally Physically Islamicly and every way. She is PERFECT and what i am looking for, If all my Brothers and Sister you Pray and make DUA for me then Insha'Allah ALLAH swt will help me AMEEN.

Please my Dear Brothers And Sisters PLEASE make DUA for me
Jazzak'Allah Khair Everyone
May ALLAH swt Bless you all and make your Wishes and Duas Come True and Grant You JANNAH AMEEN.

YA ARHAMAR RAHEEMIN YA ARHAMAR RAHEEMIN YA ARHAMAR RAHEEMIN Please ALLAH swt Accept my Duas for me and My Brothers and Sisters and Please Bless My Brothers and Sisters and all the UMMAH of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) (PBUH) and ALLAH swt Please Shower Your Blessings and Mercy that Fill The HEAVENS and the EARTH and Your GREAT ARSH on our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) (PBUH) AMEEN.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu


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Walaikumasalam bro, welcome to TTI first off :)
Brother remember if things dont go so well with this girl - then know that something better is on the horizon :D:D:D

But yeah.. it is sad the way her father thinks :( perhaps you two could sit down and talk things over like you know.. get to know each other, talk about hobbies.. the word im looking for here is "bond" lol...

May Allah subhanuwatala make things easy for you bro and may He grant you strength and patience.ameen.


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Walaikumasalam bro, welcome to TTI first off :)
Brother remember if things dont go so well with this girl - then know that something better is on the horizon :D:D:D

Hey bro, don't talk about his girl like this, she is appearently his unique love! though it's hard for him...

May Allah subhanuwatala make things easy for you bro and may He grant you strength and patience.ameen.


PS: When talking to many people, we say Jazakoum Allahu kheiran, not Jazak'a -this is the single form-.


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Assalamu Alaikum brother:D
Welcome to the familly of TTI!!:D we are glad to have you here with us :D
aaamm, o0h yea...you are in my duas akhi!!! inshaAllah things will go well, and I agree with my beloved brother Ali that maybe, you and the father should try to creat a *BOND* in that case he'll start liking you for who you ARE!! inshaAllah, and put your complete trust in Allah swt!!! He does what He wills and if THIS sister is THE ONE for you, then NONE!! absolutely NONE can ever take her away from you!!! even her dad!! and if Allah willed the other way around, He knows what is best for you, and inshaAllah you need patience!!:D
I hope it all works out the way you want and desire...ameen
may Allah make all of this easy for you, may Allah open up the heart of the sister's father, may Allah make you AND her be married in the happiiesssst state and in a state that is full of imaan, mercy and LOVE.ameen,ameen,ameen Ya rab!
you take care now,
Allah be with you alwayss:D

Abu Hanifa

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Allah Bless you and Guide you


i recommened you to fix the relationship between you and Allah

i recommened you to pray ( EStekhara Prayer) i donot know the translation in arabic but may you pray 2 Rakaa and ask Allah to guide you the best of your choice.

Allah Guide you Make t easy for you

Bother Abu Hanifa


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Salaam brother, It is a personal promise that I will make, from my heart dua for you. I completely understand your situation as I was in a similar one myself, I almost want to shed a tear for you brother. I wish you both the best, and hope that with some light push that her father may open the eyes to see that we are all from one Incha Allah brother.


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walikumasalam.i understand your situation brother feel sad for you, and feel bad that your father isnt allowing it ! inshallah il make dua, but brother you need to remember that even if it doesnt come of , it could be that allah has something better for you in the future so dont loose hope.and remember the belivers are allways patiant !



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I REMEMBER A VIdEO by baba ali on the same topic.

can i make a dua .*conditions apply if its good for your dunya+akhirah.
nobody is perfect except Allah.


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Walaikum salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Ameen To Your Dua MashAllah
May Allah swt help you and Give you what is better for You
Surely My Dua is with You

Wsalam O Alaikum Warahmatullahi WaBarakatuhu


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Allah said in holy quran chapter 24:26
Women impure are for men impure, and men impure for women impure and women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity: these are not affected by what people say: for them there is forgiveness, and a provision honourable

Allah is the best knoweth. If Allah she is urs, then no one can take her away from u

May Allah answer ur prayer.


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Salamu alaykum

we ask Allah to give you and that sister what is best for you in this world and hereafter ameen. If you are both good for each other for sake of Allah, may allay join you both. But if not, then may Allah replace to both Of u that which is better. Ameen. Don't forget to be respectful to her parents especially if they are religious and they object. Did You ask them why they object? does the girl want to marry you? Speak to a scholar or imam of authentic knowledge of sunnah



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assalam alaikum ...ok brother , we will pray that Allah SWT makes Her Fathers heart soft and mercyfull ...assalam alaikum..............PS but remember you should treat Her Good and Fair



My brother KNOW that what Allah Azzawajal has decreed for you will come to pass but its also good that you are making dua because its a grea weapon for the believer.

However you should also keep in mind that As Allah Azzawajal said in the Quran (i'm paraphracing) you might hate something and its good for you and you might like something and its bad for you (sorry i havnt got the ayah at hand). If it doesnt work out Alhamdulillah something better will come along as Allah might be shielding you from something.

Allahu ta'ala 'alam.

allah is with me

Rabana Wa laqal Hamd
ameen to your dua brother..
inshallah! we will pray for you....
whatever allah does he does for good....
you are surely in our prayers