A Call to the Real Salvation.


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[imgleft]http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m197/turntoislam/English%20Article%20Pictures/p_10.gif[/imgleft] A Call to the Real Salvation. Give yourself a chance to know the true Religion of God, and find out the difference for "only the truth shall set you free". You’ve got nothing to lose, but once you understand and accept, you have got your life to gain!

In the search for truth, it is indispensable that we take some time and effort to know the basis of our faith, and as true believers we must follow the purest essence of our belief as shown to us by the Messengers of God. Who else can bring us our most needed guidance but those whom God chose and entrusted with a certain mission to proclaim the glad tidings to the believers, and warnings to those who go astray from the way to God and refuse to believe?

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