A great article-It had me pondering the purpose of my life


striving 4 Firadous
As salaamu Alaikum

I really wanted to share this article with TTI friends. I read it last night and since then I have been pondering about the direction my life is headed. Just to mention a few things from the article, the author talks about how after we die, only our children, good deeds and knowledge will benefit us and recently having a son, and become a SAHM, it had me thinking like do I really want to go back to work. Even though, I was teacher(leaving knowledge ), I feel if I want my son to be raised righteous and pray for me after I die, I need to dedicate my life teaching him to be righteous and not putting him off to a babysitter. The article had me pondering over other issues in my life but to keep it short, this is all I will share for now.

The article can be found here



striving 4 Firadous
Also, I love the ending quote that states, " a righteous person enters this world crying while those around him are happy and leaves this world happy while those around him are crying" (paraphrase).

Again this had me thinking because when I think about death, I am actually scared...even though I am muslim now...what if I don't die upon Islam or what if I die doing a major sin before repenting. Ok...gotta go. I hope some ppl take some time to read the article.


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Jazakallah sister for a great article!

"Life is not about what we achieve, but about what we leaving behind in the way of good for others" - I need to remind myself of this :)