A muslimah dilemma


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Salam'alaykum warahmat Allah wabarakatuh

As i live in today world, i can see clearly, jahilliah is still around us.
We do mix islam with our cultures, rituals and more others which is not acceptable, and totally forbidden.

I do enter chatrooms, sometimes. Everytime I talk abt islam or remind them abt islam.. they reply me in a very harsh way. And more over, i got such replies from muslim.

If this is our muslim, how can we impress our non-muslim sisters n brothers?
Our akhlak is a fruit. And what is the seed? Its our eeman. A good seed will produce a good fruit.

I am sad, I am very sad. But what can I do? I will keep remind them. Yes am not a perfect muslimah, but Im trying to be one. As am sure, Allah will help those who helping themselves.

And i ask every each of u, to convey the true message of islam wherever u are.

Be the helpers of ALLAH, be the soldier of Allah!



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wa alikom al salam

thank u sister for this thread it is realy sad to see muslim boys and girls dont respect islam

we ask allah to hedayt all people

allah akbar


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wa aleikum salam

U are right ! I see it a lot where i live ( belgium).
But I have to say that it's not easy in a non-muslim country!
But we should all try to avoid the other rituals =)


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Please do not be dissapointed. We know this age we are in, is very difficult, as a Christian scholar said is built on hedonia. So it is not easy to convince people to the truth and warn about their faults which unfortunately became a custom.
There is a verse in Quran, it warns Mohammed (peace be upon him) about not being interested in a blind man who wants to learn Islam and instead being interested in people who are rich and important to the community but are reluctant to accept Islam. may this be a warning for us also?
I advice you to learn the technical data about tebleeg (I mean declaration of Islam) this way you may avoid the harsh responses I hope. After all it is not possible to turn every man to truth. So dont give up but please try more professional ways if you are intested in the area.
Allah wil help you.


알라후 아크바르-Allah Akbar
Salam Alekum Sister
Welcome to TTI.. May u benefit from this site InshAllah... I have seen this so many times happeinin.. subhanAllah.. InshAllah May Allah guide us all to the right path.. ameen


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Salam Aleykum brothers and sisters,

I am really sorry to see the author so sad! Please don't get sad sister! However, I completely understand what you are talking about.

I watch a lot of Islam related videos online and then read the comments for those videos and where possible try to comment too. Usually there are lots of very negative comments from aggressive people who get their information on Islam from tv, and what happens is when you try giving them some information about what Islam really is they just start being rude due to them having nothing reasonable to reply!

I'm not saying I'm a scholar, neither do I think that I know a lot, please don't misunderstand me, I just always try to share whatever I know, regardless of how basic it may be... And then an angry brother or sister shows up in the thread and makes it even worse by replying to the opponents "in their own language of understanding" and makes it even worse. And so the war begins...

I don't think we can change anything by getting upset or angry. All we can do is be patient and try to guide others in a nice and kind manner, try our best to deliver the message in the best possible way, and then leave it all to Allah (SWT). If they listen - good. If they don't - then maybe it's not their time to understand yet. My point is that IMO its really important to stay calm and use reasoning while talking to them. The best way to convey the message is to stick to our Deen.

May Allah guide us all.

andi kumala dewi

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Same with me i was very sad looked half of muslim didn't care about their islam whereas we can't live forever in the world. So we just only giving their advise for them, coz we can't change them only Allah subhanahu wata'ala will be.


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brother mohammed, sister safiyah,
m1511, kawthar,islam is the future and sis dewi

jazkallahu khairan for the words :)
today I am so happy to see my brother and sister in islam here with me.

May Allah bless all of u, ameen


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Dear all sis and bros.

All we should try to change such type of happenings, but how? I spent and spend sometime with tableeghi jamaat which is originated from India then in pakistan and now almost all over the world. they talk about quran, sunnah, manners, Ikhlas in intentions etc. in a very polite way. they invite every one to spare time to learn da'awah and tableegh by going with jamaat for three days, 40 days, 4 months, and for one year. i have seen the result of such actions that one feel change very positively. i also have spent 4 months in the way of Allah in pakistan with tableeghi jamaat and found it very beneficial not only for me but also for family and friends. So, i invite every muslim to join jamaat which has centres in almost every country.

i am sure that you all will be agree with me.

May Allah Almighty guide all muslims and non muslims to the right way.Aameen