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ouddene bouziane

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Hello everybody , Assalam aleikom wa rahmetu Allah wa baraktohu
I am so happy sincerely to be with you in this great forum. The best moments in this life when you meet your bothers sharing the same ideas, defending the same convictions and be ready to serve this great religion to present it perfectly to the whole world.
I consider myself being with my family. Concerning my level in English is in between .
I hope to spend with you the best moments serving the same ends.
We ask God faithfully to be with us in all moments. To reward us when we offer good doings and to forgive us when we make mistakes and to give us the perpetual happiness.


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walaykum wa salam Brother !
welcome in this forum Inshallah we will benefit from you and you from us


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Welcome to the forum brother. Insha'Allah your English will improve the more you communicate. I hope you like it here.

ouddene bouziane

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My brothers. Muslimg. Ditta. Greg. Nice to meet here. My deep salutations for you al
it is a kind of you to welcom me and that makes me so happy.
God bless you.


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oo..i'm a sister lol
anywas thanks !
i'm really glad that your here :hijabi:
for having a new muslim brother here makes us feel happy too !


to all,

Welcome to tti brother
to have you joining us
here ~Alhamdulillah!

~May Allah swt help,protect and guide all muslims~Amin!

Take care,
~Wassalam :)