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:salam2: dear sisters and brothers..... I received this mail and I would like to share with you all as well. It brought full of tears to my eyes...........

This email is a true story with pictures.
It is a story of a person from Bahrain named Ibrahim Nasser. He has been paralyzed completely since birth and can only move his head and fingers. Even his breathing is done with the help of instruments.


It was the wish of this young man to meet sheik Nabeel Al-Awdi. So Ibrahim's father spoke the sheik on the phone in order to arrange a visit to Ibrahim.


This is sheik Nab eel in the airport.

Ibrahim was very happy to see sheik Nabeel open the door to his room. We can only see his happiness from his expression as he is unable to speak


The moment sheik Nabeel entered Ibrahim's room


And this is Ibrahim's expression on meeting sheik Nabeel
Notice the breathing instrument around Ibrahim's neck.. he is unable to even breath normally.


And a kiss on the for head for Ibrahim


Ibrahim with his father, uncle and sheik Nabeel

Thus sheik Nabeel and Ibrahim started talking about da'wa on the internet and the striving it requires.
They also exchanged some stories


And during their conversation sheik Nabeel asked Ibrahim a question. A question that made Ibrahim weep... and tears rolled down Ibrahim's cheek.


Ibrahim couldn't help but weep when he remembered some painful memories


Here sheik Nabeel wipes the tears from Ibrahim's face


Do you know what question it was that made Ibrahim weep?

The sheik asked: Oh Ibrahim.. if Allah had given you health.. what would you have done?​

And thus Ibrahim wept bitterly and he made the sheik, his father, his uncle and everyone in the room weep.. even the camera man wept

And his answer was: By Allah i would have performed my salaa (prayer) in the masjid (mosque) with joy.. i would have used the favor of health in everything that would please Allah Subhanehu we Ta'ala​
Dear brothers and sisters Allah has favored us with agility and health
But often we miss praying Salaa (prayer) in the Masjid!!! We look for excuses for missing the prayer. And we sit for hours in front of the computer or TV

May Allah guide us all in the straight path. Ameen :tti_sister:

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Jazakallhu khayr for sharing, although I think brother ansari made an exact same thread about him.Then again I could be wrong..Allahu alem?