Question: Accidently plucked a couple of hairs before hajj


Allah Hu Akbar
So i am going for Hajj on thursday insh Allah, i am told we shouldn't shave or cut nails once 1st dhul Hijja starts. So i cut my nails etc before that. Now today while sitting in my regular routine and playing with face with hands i usually pick on the small hairs on the beard. So without intending i accidentally pulled a couple of hairs out. My mind was elsewhere and i didn't even realize till i had done it.

So now i am pretty upset why i did it, will my Hajj be okay and slaughtering the animal after Hajj will be accepted?


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As'salaamu Aleikum brother

may Allah accept your Hajj and of all muslims and our good deeds...

The ruling of not touching hair,nails and etc from the first day of Dhul-Hijja applies to those people in the comfort of their homes and wanting to offer a sacrifice on the Eid day...

As for one set for Hajj, the ruling of not trimming hair applies to him only from the moment he takes on Ihraam. And if his Hajj is merged(both Umra and Hajj in one Ihraam) or Tamatu'(both but in separate Ihraam) then he's obliged to offer a Hadiy on Eid day and if his Hajj is only Hajj without Umrah then it's only preferable for him to offer sacrifice...

These two people are different and I assume you believe both fall under the same ruling.

Do you have a reference/reason to believe so?