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عن ابي هريرة رضى الله عنه ان ـ رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ـ قال: من يأخذ مني هذه الكلمات فيعمل بهن او يعلم من يعمل بهن؟ فقال ابو هريرة قلت : انا يا رسول الله ، فأخذ بيدي وعد خمسا قال: اتق المحارم تكن اعبد الناس ، وارض بما قسم الله لك تكن اغنى الناس واحسن الى جارك تكن مؤمنا ، واحب للناس ما تحب لنفسك تكن مسلما ولا تكثر الضحك ، فان كثرة الضحك تميت القلب
صحيح سنن الترمذي

Narrated Abu Hurairah(r.a) that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said: Who will learn these phrases from me and act on them or find out who acts on them?
So Abu Hurairah (r.a) responded: I will, O' Messenger of Allah! So he grabbed my hands and enumerated five things. He said: “Safeguard yourself from which is forbidden, you will be the best worshipper among the people; and be pleased with whatever Allah has given you, you will be the most self-sufficient of people; and be good to your neighbor, you will be a believer; and love for the people what you love for yourself, you will be a Muslim; and do not laugh too much for too much laughter makes heart dead.”

(Tirmidhi, Classified as Hasan by Al-Albani in Jami Al-Saheeh)

Vocabulary of the Hadith
اعبد best worshipper

قسم gave/distributed

جارك your neighbor

الضحك laughter

تميت kills

Lessons of The Hadith

1. Bad deeds eat up the reward of good deeds, so the best formula to become the best worshipper of Allah is to leave the unlawful.
2. Haram makes Ibadah hard, Stay away from Haram Acts to enjoy the true spirit of Ibadah/Worship of Allah.
3. True richness is the richness of the heart (i.e. contentment). If we aren't content, we'll never feel happy no matter how much wealth we amass
4. A sign of emaan is to treat one's neighbor nicely
5. Well-wishing for others is the basic trait of a Muslim, Desire the best for others in order to become a Good Muslim
6. Laughing is not prohibited, but remaining in excessive jest and laughter deprives the heart of life (Reminder: Smiling is Encouraged & is Sadaqah)


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Short but sweet Alahmdulillah...

Jazakallahu Khiar Ya Ukhti for sharing this wonderful hadeeth with us :)