**all mp3 nasheeds**


Here to help

Here on this link you can find many nasheeds available for download


Ahmed Bukhatir (11)
Arabic Nasheeds (19)
D_Wharnsby Ali (6)
Flash Nasheed (3)
Jihad Nasheeds (12)
Khalid Belrhouzi (1)
Sami Yusuf (1)
Urdu Naats (3)
Yusuf Islam (32)
Zain Bhikha (21)


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JazakAllahu Khayrun for all the nasheeds and links.

Here are some I like and thought I'd share with everyone;

View attachment Rawaa2e3_Al-'3areeb_-_06_-_Men_Jobbat_Al-7arff.mp3 - Ahmed Al-Hajri - Min Jobbat Al-7arff

View attachment Mishari Rashid - Ilaahi.mp3 - Meshary Al-Afaasy - Ilaahi

View attachment 679.mp3laylat al qadr - al afaasy.mp3 - Meshary Al-Afaasy - Laylatul Qadr

View attachment 681.mp3yaman yara - al afaasy.mp3 - Meshary Al-Afaasy - Ya Man Yara

View attachment 13_haneny.mp3 - Meshary Al-Afaasy - Ya Arhama

Hope you like them inshAllah. I could only attach 5 for some reason so i'll attach more in another post inshAllah.



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If anyone wants to make nasheeds or anything else to MP3 from Youtube.com so use www. converttube.com

its soo good:p:);)


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ASEER nasheed! :D

some people mentioned this nasheed in this thread, i don't know if it's the meant one! anyway here is nasheed Aseer::


IT IS NICE, really! :D


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assalaam alaikum ,does someone have mp3 nasheed "your mother" rashid bhikha

to download for my kids please,



:salam2: brothers, i search any nashed from Samir Al Bashiri.. can send any nashed from this in forum, please..