Serious Allah Will Test You Even in Makkah Or Madinah .So Be Patient And Seek Help.


pilgrim breaking the glass barrier in front of Mount Safa in Makkah on Wednesday, then climbing the mountain while shouting slogans and later scuffling with security men before he was arrested has come as a shock for Muslims in and outside the Kingdom.
A video showing the man suddenly going berserk has gone viral on social media and drew widespread condemnation. The pilgrim is seen smashing the glass barrier with a small chair placed in the Haram for elderly people and climbed the mountain shouting: “I am Mahdi”.
Makkah police media spokesman said preliminary investigations have shown that the pilgrim, who is a Yemeni national, is a resident of Makkah and that he seems to be suffering from psychological problems. “Further investigations are on and it is too early to give more details.”
The Saudi government is spending billions of riyals on the expansion and security of the Two Holy Mosques to facilitate pilgrims and people should respect this and not try to destroy the peace in the area, was a general sentiment expressed by people this reporter met.
“I saw this video in social media. It is a shocking and condemnable act. The government is spending a lot of money and making all-out efforts toward the security and development of the Two Holy Mosques, but such people have no concern about it; on top of that, the man was in ihram (pilgrimage garment), ” said Abdulaziz Khalq.
Another citizen, Ahmed Ibrahim, said that the security personnel should be on alert all the time. “How was the man allowed to disturb the peace of Haram and disturb the pilgrims who were performing Umrah at that time? If he was mad, how did his family let him go out alone. His family members should also be questioned,” said Ibrahim.
A number of people condemned the pilgrim’s act while many of them and local people who were present at the scene criticized the absence of security men and employees of the General Presidency to quickly prevent the incident.



Allah, Glory be to Allah swt, says in the Holy Quran: "Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, 'We believe,' and that they will not be tested?
(Holy Quran, 29: 2).


Review: So if you think that you are being tested by Allah swt even in Makkah make many istighfar ,breath deeply,wake up your conscious and say you will pass the test with flying colours~Amin!

~May Allah swt help,protect and guide all muslims~Amin!


A video of a man seen damaging ornamental lanterns in Makkah’s grand mosque, known as Islam’s holiest place, prompted outrage on Monday 2014.
In the video, a man, who was described as mentally ill by Makkah’s police, was attempting to smash the lanterns with a chair.
The man was arrested shortly after the incident, which took place in the morning, and referred to the relevant authorities, Makkah police spokesman Ati Bin Atteya al-Karshi said in a press conference.



And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.).
~Holy Qur'an Surah Al Baqarah 2:155


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wa alaykum salam

There are millions of people who visit Makkah and Madina every year, some are bound to have issues!


Islam is a way of life
This is very sad. We need to have mercy on these people and say alhumdulilah each day we are not plagued with such mental illnesses.


This just happened two days ago.
Man trying to attack Imam in Masjid Al-Nabawi during Salah.
May Allah swt protect our imams and scholars~Amin!