Video Aminah's Story. A Revert Sister from England and her family


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Selamunaleyküm mmy muslim brothers ı need some help ı live in turkey. ı want to improve my english so ı must go to england or the usa but ı m afraid of some problem pray and eat so ıs there any people help me how can ı do ? ı wan to go abroad spread islam and improve my english so ı want to stay somewhere that live alot of muslims there


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Looks like the video is gone, or Google video isn't operating. Does anybody know if Google has consolidated their videos with YouTube after they acquired YouTube?

Perhaps somebody downloaded the video before and can upload it somewhere?
Yes, the Google video link in the first post seems to be broken now. Here is the same video.

May be some moderator could replace the link in the first post now. Insha'Allah.


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Assalamu aleikom , brothers & sisters .

Masha'allah great and blessing post , hope that TTI can do like that with the non-muslims....Insha'allah.


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Dear Sir/Madam

Salam Alaikum

I'm Mohamed Adnan 25 years old mulsim morrocan citizen living in Poland, I'm in Poland since 8 months, I'm married my wife is Polish we are living with her parents but it's so hard to find work in Poland specially for foreigner. My wife is so intersting in islam she read the holy koran last month in the holy ramadan and really i feel she can become a muslim if we can live far of her parents, and i'm writing to you with big hope that you can help me we want to move in england and live coz i see this is the best country for us to live specially i and my wife speak english and coz they are a lot of muslims in England, and i'm living in small village in poland i'm the only muslim here i spent ramadan alone i feel really bad coz i have no contact with muslims please i want from you to help me somehow to work and live in England i will apply for family permitfor i can travel to UK my wife sh ecan travel when she wants coz she is EEA citizen, but inshallah we want to move together but we need help and i want help from muslims as me muslims who can understand me and i can understand them. I hope that you will understand my situation and asnwer me sson as possible thank you.

Best regards

busana muslim

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Alhamdulillah, many strory i've read in this forum that really touching, in my country Islam is the biggest religion many of muslims are born as muslim, may Allah SWT bless you sister :)

busana muslim


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Videos of People who Became Muslims. read liston quran

[imgleft][/imgleft]Aminah's Story. A Revert Sister from England and her family. She explains how she became Muslim as a teenager, how she knows over 50 Muslim revert sisters like herself. The film is set just after the september 11 NYC terrorist attacks, and shows the family starting out on their journey to make Hijrah to Yemen.


i have forwarded these videos to all the new Muslim who contacted to me and mashallah i helped them in boost there faith

listen to quran recitation online
learn quran online


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here is an intresting fact about recent converts to islam

Using a number of sources, including a survey of more than 250 British mosques, census data from 2001 and conversion figures in Europe, the researchers estimate that there could be as many as 100,000 converts - of all ethnic backgrounds - in the UK. This represents an increase on an estimated 60,000 converts in 2001.

its always nice to watch a inspiring video of a muslim friend amy all guide them and elevate them in the true meaning of islam and to read quran reading quran online wile listen to quran online

For an insight into the experiences of Muslim converts, the researchers spoke to 120 - mainly young, white women.