An Arrest at my university


Pearl of Islaam

Assalmau allaicum

This is so sad and shameless,this is not behaviour of human beings but it is worst than behaviour of animals. Ya Allah protect us and our familes from these monster acts. I can say that this can only happen in the conutry which does not respect human rights and which does not have the right law which will prevent these happenings.
I have red in newspapers that this happend in the University of natural science where one of the students get arrasted with suspicion that he is presenting security threat for students and University in Ontario-Canada. It has been announced that he was beaten without any reason.:astag:

This is only one of shamless acts astagfirullah,like it is also happening all around the world,like it happend in Pakistan, Iran, Guantanamo,..... It is not right to try to hide something what happend in some country regardless it is Muslim country. In Islaam there is no place for nacionalism and I think all Muslims should be agreed upon this,so there is no need for any wrong ideas.

May Allah protect us all and make us one of those who are on the right way of Allah .ameen summa ameen