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Abdul Hasib

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Jazakhallah Kyr I just wish this could've been a computer software so that I can see it at any time even if I'm offline. I wouldn't even care if they put a price to buy the product if you could buy it and if it was a software.



mashallah :jazaak: this is a very usefull resource. i used to use but it never had my favourite shiekhs, but now i could listen to mishary,sudais and shuraim. :mashallah:

inshallah may allah reward you. (ameen)



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Alhamdulillah,web site ni sangat bagus,dah lama saya cari tempat seperti ini Terima Kasih kpd kawan kawan semua


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excellent resource! but i think i will stick with lol, i love the name. any of us who don't know the latin, it means something like assalamu alaikum. clever, clever, lol

I second that,

having the text appear like it is in the hard copy is very good and makes it easier.

for those of you who don't know. This, is amazing for one who understands Arabic because in the tafsir part each ayah will let you choose between well known tafsir scholar works.

The fact that each ayah places relevant tafsir is a great time saver.